GLOSSYBOX October 2012

Ahhh! This review is OVERDUE!
Well, here it is!

Thanks again to the Glossybox team for sponsoring me!
If you haven't tried them out yet, you can buy just one box without have to subscribe for three months or a year. It would be a good present too! Maybe you can treat yourself to a subscription or ask for a subscription as a gift!

GKHAIR Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

I decided to use these sample bottles on my extensions since they get super frizzy and hard to manage.
So, uhm, WOW. After I used this my extensions were moving around like real hair instead of it just being dead and stiff. Even after I started styling it and putting product in it again it's still nicer than usual. There's more life to it, which is amazing.

I used some on my real hair too and it's the same result but better versus my extensions. My real hair is very processed and damaged, but these products made it really smooth and the bottom didn't frizz out :D

The price for a full size bottle is $20 at 10.1oz.

KOH GEN DO Cleansing Spa Water

I've only use two or three different kinds of makeup removers so I can't say what's really great or not, but Glossybox hasn't failed to impress me yet. I can only assume this is a good makeup remover.

After keeping a cotton pad on my eye for a few seconds with this product, it wipes away my waterproof eyeliner and helps gently remove my false eyelashes. That's gotta be a good thing x]

My skin doesn't feel gross after removing my makeup with this either. It says that I don't have to wash the product off after use. I do anyways, out of habit, but the times I don't is when I'm about to go exercise.

Moisture Rich Lipstick in GLOSSY Pink

This shade matches my lips nearly exact :0 I really like that.
It's creamy and moisturizing as well.

My only issue was that it melted in the box!
I let it sit for awhile and it's still usable, just not as a pretty shape, haha.

Also, when I opened it, the entire thing came off instead of just the cap x .x'
I put it back together and it works just fine, but I just didn't expect to break it so easy.

MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 

This is one of my absolute favorite products and I can't believe they sent a FULL SIZE of it!
This runs up to $30 by itself. It's just too bad they sent me a shade that doesn't match!

They sent me No.31 Golden Beige but my skin matches best with No.27 Honey Beige.

Here are some swatches below so you can see the difference.
The lighter one is the No.27 and the darker one is No.31.

You can see that one has a yellow base, the other with a pink/red base.


This month they send some really impressive products.
I was completely surprised by the BB cream and the quality of the hair products.
I was running out of makeup remover, so that was convenient, and I'm always open to trying lipstick.

All together, this was a satisfying month from Glossybox!


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