Koji Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil 01 Honey Brown

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Here's another review from

They have two other colors available, 02 Chocolate Brown, and 03 Dark Chocolate.

Normally, you would pair the pencil up with the eyebrow mascara so the colors match.
They are the 01 Milk Tea, 02 Mocha, and 03 Cocoa. I didn't get any though.
Maybe next time!

I put a color swatch next to the image of the pencil.
It's unusual because it's like a yellow/golden color, meant for bleached or lightened hair. I would of loved to see how it looked with the eyebrow mascara. I've seen people use it before and the coverage is great.

It's not waterproof but the product itself will last a long time. I've had it for a month to two months now and I've only needed to use a sharpener on it once or twice. I'm really glad cause that means it will seriously last me awhile. The pencil is about 3 inches long, without the mascara brush.

(The mascara brush is basically used to brush your eyebrows so they're in the direction you want and to create a more natural pattern with pencil after it's applied. You can use it to brush your eyebrows a bit after applying eyebrow mascara as well.)

It would probably bet better suited for normal to dry skin versus oily skin. The texture is almost powdery-like, as in soft and glides on nicely but only if your skin is smooth and dry. It's not waxy, which is what I prefer because it lasts much longer on oily skin.

It's a little difficult to see if you have tan/darker skin.
This particular shade is for lighter skin, but I was curious cause it's an uncommon color x]

Because I don't have a matching eyebrow mascara nor do I bleach my eyebrows anymore, I use a brown eyebrow powder to even it all out so it blends together.

If I were to buy a pencil from Dolly Wink to match my eyebrows, I would probably get the Chocolate Brown. The color wouldn't be too dark and blend well with my thin eyebrows.

I'm really excited to try it with eyebrow mascara though!
This is just one of those products that are better enhances with another product.


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