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For my birthday, I got this amazing maid dress from Bodyline!

So, if I ever go to a convention, this is going to be my go-to costume if I have nothing planned x]
We actually found a couple bb guns in a Goodwill and decided to take them for future cosplays or events, haha!

Lookin' meaaan.

The left picture was taken on the day I got it. I was really happy the way they sent it. It had it's own hanger, it had a bag to keep the dress clean, and it looked like it came right out of a store. I love that.

The headband was in the apron and you can see on the picture to the right that the headband is still imprinted into the apron. I haven't ironed it out yet. The fabric feels like it's definitely gonna be long lasting.

This is the headband. I'm pretty positive it got warped by the heat cause it's awkwardly shaped and uneven now. It's a wee bit uncomfortable to wear since it's made of plastic and nothing is covering the ends where it's the hardest. The best part about this piece though is that the lace is really pretty!

I got a size M from their site, but the apron that comes with it has two large buttons on each side at the back so you can adjust the width around your waist. I love that. However, since I'm short, the top of the apron is a little long. Like, it will fall off my shoulders once in awhile and it sometimes hides the little bow and charm on the black dress. I may sew it to fit better.

The ruffles around the shoulders are really cute but I also need to iron that out so it sticks up evenly. At first, I was scared it was going to make my broad shoulders even more prominent but it doesn't look so bad! I think the cuteness of the dress takes away from most of my insecurities and flaws x] I'm just so happy when I'm wearing it, haha!

My biggest complaint about this dress are the arm cuffs. The lace was sewn into it exposed. So for people like me who have bigger arms, it's uncomfortable. Maybe I'll add some cloth to cover it. The lace itself is pretty. I didn't expect it to be as detailed!

The picture to the right is the bottom of the apron. I'm no seamstress, but it looks good to me!

The last piece to the entire costume is the skirt underneath. I forget what it's called x3
It has three layers. Two tulle layers with a silk hem and underneath a silky cloth to keep the itchy tulle from your skin. Very comfy and poofy!

If I could, I would wear the black dress alone! However, even on my short self, it's too short to wear by itself. The skirt is definitely required in order to hide everything properly x] It zips up in the back and it has a hook on top to keep it together.

Like I said, I got a size M. I'm 151cm/4'11" and my bust is 36", waist 27", and hips 35".
Just in case anyone wants some comparison if they're thinking about buying this.

Over all, I'm very pleased with it! Halloween is around the corner and there are many costumes that are between $50-$60. This maid costume is in the same price range and it's quality is SO much better. It's comfy for me but a wee bit long on my torso when it comes to the apron, and a bit tight on my arms because I gots me some guns B] (In all honesty, sometimes I wish I don't have as much muscle though x.x')

Good stuff! I'm really happy that this was a birthday gift!
Even if it wasn't a gift, I would have eventually gotten it myself!

If I was daintier, I'd probably go for a more cutesy look but this seems to suit me better.

Anyone else have a maid costume? :D


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