Review: Lost Mannequin Winged Black Sid Packpack

This was another wonderful birthday present! My in-laws surprised me with this one.
I can't even thank them enough ♡

It's handmade and is currently made-to-order, so it will take time to be made and arrive. Lots of people are finding out where to get these lovely backpacks and I'm sure they've got a waiting list!

It's SO worth it though!

This backpack is sized like a standard backpack. It's not tiny. There's plenty of space to put all sorts of stuff inside and one of my favorite details is the hidden zipper on the back for easy access!

The straps are cushioned and they're adjustable.

The opening is a drawstring, which can be a hassle sometimes but the fringes are a great detail that adds more flare to the bag.

Inside there's a hook for your keys! LOVE THAT. I hate losing my keys in the abyss of my bag xD It's a great idea to have that off to the side close to the opening. You can reach for it through the zipper in the back as well.

If you look at the picture on the right, there's a large/deep pocket, a phone pocket, and a smaller pocket next to it. The picture on the left, there's another pocket with a zipper. Lots of places to put things if you like to carry everything with you!

One thing that I was concerned about were the buckles. At first, I thought I'd have to buckle and rebuckle, but there are magnets underneath! AWESOME SAUCE. Even better.

There are no hidden pockets inside the three main pockets outside of the bag. They're very spacey though.

WINGS. That's what drew me to this bag in the first place. The thread they use is a light grey color. The wings themselves seem a little delicate cause they actually do move. They're only attached at the base. When I walk with it on, the wings wiggle around. I read that a wing fell off someone's bag, but it doesn't feel like it's easy to tear off. I'm just going to be careful. Either way, years down the line if they do fall off, I can put a patch over where they used to attach and it's still a pretty cool bag :3

This was the picture I took of it when I opened it. The wings looked dinky cause it curves around from the packaging. You've got to gently straighten them out. Also, the smell is amazing... That new smell. LOL. I love new smells xD

This is the first outfit I wore with it. Excuse my exposed extensions xD

It's such an awesome accessory. It looks good AND it's functional.

It definitely brings out the darker styling that I like x]
I don't mind though, I actually wear more black than anything else.
Black is safe, comfy, and easy to style, while being edgy.
Love black.

All together, it's a bit clunky for me cause it's big and even in high school I didn't use a backpack. I used a shoulder bag. However, I love that I can put lots of things inside and it's a very appealing bag. I love both cute and functional items. I prefer items I can use for a very long time.

Who else has been eyeing this bag?


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