Review: Portland Black Lipstick Company, Black Lipstick

My husband got me my first black lipstick for my birthday!

I was looking around for awhile trying to decide what brand to go with and found this one.
Portland Black Lipstick Company carries other colors and other makeup products as well!

Along with the lipstick, they sent some glitter but I haven't tried it out yet. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that kind of commitment to have glitter on me for several days, or even weeks x] It looks pretty though and I may use it for costume looks!

This lipstick is OPAQUE. It doesn't go on thin. When you apply it, it's almost just as black as it looks in the pictures. It just takes some even application to get it this dark. You won't see any pink or red from your lips! There's not hint of any color within it as well, and it's not drying. Surprisingly, it's moisturizing, like a chapstick.

I don't care too much for the look of the packaging but since I prefer to apply it with a makeup brush to get it more precise, I don't mind. Cute packaging is great, but I do prefer high quality products. This lipstick is outstanding and is one of my favorites in everything that I expect a lipstick to be. Bold, true to color, opaque, and moisturizing. It's long lasting, but only if you don't eat or drink, haha! The very insides of my lips start showing pink after I drink and eat but reapplication is super easy.

Black lipstick is starting to becoming a little more common, which I like!
I want to be more comfortable wearing it out and see others wear it too.
It's still pretty daring to wear it since it's an unusual color choice for lips.
However, I feel pretty comfortable with it :]


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  1. Looks really cool! I have One too but from an other company!
    I like it in very lighted pictures! Looks like a dark fairytale!