Review: Sugarpill Cosmetics - Bulletproof (black) Eyeshadow

Another birthday present from my husband!

I've been eyeing Sugarpill cosmetics ever since they came out but I never got something from them until now. Just as I expected, it's amazing!

The packaging is perfectly cute and appealing. Bright and playful.

The eyeshadow is compact and the lid closes properly. It doesn't shake loose and opens up.
The design is slim too, which I like.

It came with a free sample, and WOW, it's pretty!
I didn't expect it would have so much dimension looking at it in the packet.

I didn't use any primer on my hand when testing out the colors. The lighter application is just one layer, while the thicker application is a few layers. It applies evenly and smoothly!

The black is PERFECT. There isn't a hint of color or glitter and it's super opaque and matte.
The blue is beyond beautiful. There's so many different shades of blue and it's so sparkly!

The black didn't really need many angles or lightings to get the idea, but the blue did.
Seeing it in person is much better but even in pictures, it's great :0

I took a towel and scrubbed it off. There's still a bit of residue from the blue, and the black stayed fairly strong. With primer, I'm sure these would last all day.

I did a very simple look to showcase the Bulletproof eyeshadow.
It was done quickly, so it's not as precise as I could have made it but you get the idea!


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