ADIDAS shirt from Trinity Styles!

Trinity Styles sponsored me this black Oversize Adidas Print Top.

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It's applicable on all orders. It takes 5% off and you get a free accessory!

Thank you, Trinity Styles! ♡
Check out their selection. They have other cute stuff.

This is the actual shirt! Looks good, huh?
Once it was sent out it took 5 business days to arrive.

I'm not into labels or brands but I like the look of the large letters and the placement of the design. It's simple, but has a central focus that's balanced. It's not too small or too big. Sometimes that can throw off the look.

When I opened the package the shirt was in this bag.
I had to take the shirt out cause you couldn't see the cute kitty logo :3

This top is suuuper comfy. The fabric is 100% cotton so it's soft and it doesn't feel itchy. There's only one size but the length is 76cm long and the chest is 43cm, AND it's stretchy. I could wear this on one of my lazy days or one of the days where I just want to eat everything, hahaha! (Does anyone read Switch Girl!! cause she wears stretchy clothes when she goes to a buffet. I do that too, haha!)

It's baggy but it's stylish! The sleeves taper in, but the entire top is straight. The scoop of the neckline isn't too low or too high. If it was higher it wouldn't look as free and flowy, and if it was lower I'd be showing more than I want.

It's pretty versatile for the season changes too. You can wear it by itself during summer, or winter with something underneath and a jacket on top.

Wearing black and white is one of my favorite combos. It's classic and it doesn't have to be boring.
However, because this top is fairly plain it gives you room to bring in wild patterns if you have some crazy leggings or skirts. This is good for color pops too! Like my hair :D

Or just keep it simple. The logo in the middle does the job for a stylish look, as well as the cut.

(I like the color of my nails. I wanted it to be part of the picture. LOL.)

They have a white version with a blue logo too!


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