Bodyline School Uniform Costume 242 Review

Maid uniform, check. School uniform, check.
Two things I've been wanting for yeaaars and I got them within a couple months!

I got both from Bodyline!
For my review and link to the maid uniform, go here.
For the link to the school uniform, go here.

This review and my maid uniform review is NOT sponsored.
Just to make that clear.


This costume comes with the top, the scarf, and the skirt.
It came on a hanger covered in a plastic bag.
I ordered a size M and it fits very well!
I'm 151cm/4'11" and my bust is 36", waist 27", and hips 35".

The top is super roomy. I'm almost tempted to cinch it in but it's really comfortable the way it is.

This is how it opens.

The wrist cuffs have two buttons on each side.
The scarf is a large triangle shape with one side shiny and one side matte.

As you can tell from these up close pictures the fabric is not thin. It's like clothing fabric, not Halloween costume fabric. I'm likely going to incorporate it into my wardrobe as something other than costume wear since it's durable.

The back of the skirt closes with a zipper and hook. The waist band for the skirt has a really wide range for different waist sizes. On me it's a kind of a snug but comfortable fit. It can stretch more too, about 4 or more inches maybe? That might be uncomfortable though.
Instead of an elastic band all the way around, they only have the stretchy part at the sides of the waist.

The bottom of the skirt was sewn together so the pleats don't flow out. I'm going to cut that off because the skirt looks too stiff. I'll be using this skirt in other outfits as well! It's a nice basic piece.

Here's the back of the costume. The collar is so cute! But see how stiff the skirt is? I don't like it.
It was also sewn rather insecurely, so maybe it was meant to be cut off anyways. Like, maybe they sewn it together to keep the pleats straight and not wrinkle while it was being sent over.

All in all, I'm very happy with it.
I'm excited to incorporate it into my outfits!


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