MyLuxury1st Hair Extensions!

*This sponsored review is completely based by my own opinion and experience!

Recently I received a 20" yellow single weft clip in hair extension streak from MyLuxury1st!

She has a very wide selection and she handcrafts 100% real and Remy human hair. What she offers is Nail U Tip - Hot Fusion, Flat Square Tip - Fusion, Stick I Tip - Strand by Strand, Clips Ins - Customizes pieces, Take In - Any amount of pieces, and Microloop with bead attached - Cold Fusion.

One of the only hair colors I've never really done is yellow. I thought this was a good chance to try it out and I LOVE it. It looks great with pink hair!

As for the quality of this piece, the hair is very soft and nice to touch. It doesn't tangle. I've already washed it once and it's still very smooth, and the color is still consistent. It did bleed a little bit, but that's expected with dyed hair. Only one strand of hair came out after I washed it.

Here is the clip. It's comfy and doesn't pull on my hair, only if I put it in wrong. What I really like about this is that the sides aren't just cut off like some extensions, it's sewn in together.

They're described as 20" and they actually are! Not like some extensions where just a few hairs reach the supposed length. The ends are a little thin, but they do reach all the way to 20 inches. The ends feel healthy too, not frizzy or dead. All over, the hair is shiny and healthy looking.

And here's a close up of the hair. She sells 100% human and Remy hair.
Like some extensions I've used in the past, there are pieces of plastic. This has no plastic at all and the grain of the hair, from what I can tell, all go the right way. I've curled it and straightened it as well. It easy to style and doesn't melt or frizz from heat :]

Here's more detailed information:

It came in very quickly! She's located in California and I'm on the other coast in Florida. She normally ships between 3-5 days. The expected delivery time is between 6-10 days but I got mine much sooner! Tracking numbers are also available.

She's available for custom orders. If you want something more specific you can email her at Denyce@Hairdresser.Net

- Once you have your Hair Extensions in, upload a photo to your Facebook and tag @MyLuxury1st Hair Extensions and your friends to the pic! Receive 10% off your next order for FB Picture Tag uploads and 30% back REFUND for your YouTube review!
- Receive 10% off, a free 3 pc single weft 20" clip in hair extension streak, a portable mini flat iron, micro beads, fusion iron or a hair needle and plier. Your choice! With purchases of $39.99 or more on site or customized. *Not available for Amazon, Etsy, or eBay orders. Orders must be direct or from

Returns accepted within 10 business days. Buyer pays non-refundable return merchandise fee of 25% to MyLuxury1st for any returns. This covers shipping, handling, processing, and my time handcrafting or association with your order.
If returning products must be returned unopened and in absolute condition as they were sent. Extensions must be shipped back at customer's expense in original re-sale condition. Customer must notify me of any returns. Unauthorized returns will result in delay or no refund. 
Buyers can NOT return hair products due to customer care and hygiene concerns if pack has been altered or opened! DO NOT REMOVE HAIR FROM CLEAR SLEEVE, WRAP OR PLACE CARD. EAMINE HAR IN CLEAR PACKAGING.
You may not open the pack, try it on, brush, comb, run fingers through, style cut, curl braid, spray, wash, dye, flat iron, heat, treat, or attach the hair at all for consideration of a return. If packaging is opened or destroyed your refunds is at 50% because packaging costs. If package is opened and hair has been tampered with ir removed, SALE IS FINAL* NO REFUND, and no refund after 10 days period.
2012 MyLuxury1st © CA License# 016923 All Rights Reserved

The package comes with this reminder to examine it first before opening.


All in all, I've enjoyed this hair clip and the service.

I like that it does make a difference when I have it in versus when I don't. It would be fun to have a bunch of different colors! But I still prefer having a full set of extensions than just a bunch of streaks since my hair is still short. I want long haaair!

And the service was great. She's very sweet and open to communication. Quick to reply. All the information you need is basically on her site too.

If you're looking into extensions, I'd say give her a try. I've read other customer reviews on her Amazon site and a lot of them were pleased with their orders! She also does giveaways once in awhile, so Like her Facebook page and Subscribe to her YouTube for updates.


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