New Hair + Outfit!

Hello, everyone!

I'm totally in love with my new hair!
I didn't intentionally dye it this way but I'm happy how it turned out. I put fushia hair dye diluted with conditioner over my blue hair and left it in for 45 minutes. The dye only soaked into the ends of my hair which created the gradient. Then I put on my pink extensions.

The lenses I'm wearing are the i.Fairy Casper Grey.
Read my review here, or buy them here.

The lashes I'm wearing are the Diamond Lash Series 2 - No. 1 Glamorous Eye.
Read my review here, or buy them here.

My lip color is a mix of Maybelline's 025 Pink Please with WarPaint Lipgloss in Brightest Pink on top.

Here is my outfit for the day.

Headband: CreepyYeha
Jacket: Steps
Shirt: Goodwill
Belt: F21
Skirt: Goodwill
Socks: Sockdreams
Boots: eBay
Necklace: handmade
Hat: handmade

(Bad photoshopping. I knowwww, whatever. Haha.)

Someone once asked me to describe what I felt was an accomplishing outfit and why.
It was an interesting request.

Well, there's so much about this outfit that makes me happy and makes me feel confident.
I'm not particularly in love with my legs, but I love wearing thigh highs. It's a cute look that makes me happy and helps me get over my thighs. High waisted skirts are a common piece in my outfits because it elongates my body and creates a curvier illusion when the bottom of the skirt flares out. That and I particularly like school uniform like outfits. I wear waist belts to further the curvy illusion, and it makes me conscious about my posture. It kind of reminds me to stand or sit straight.

I like wearing platform shoes and heels to make my legs look longer and to make myself taller. I also like boots with this outfit because it matches well with my faux leather jacket. It's a harsh and more mature contrast to the cutesy polkadot skirt and pastel pink top. My two favorite things, wearing cute clothing and mature clothing together. There's also a touch of my personal handwork and style with my DIY hat and necklace which are inspired by monster girls and magical girls.

For the longest time I've wanted to look straight out of a cartoon as my inspiration for my looks. So when I pick outfits, I imagine how I'd look drawn as a cartoon. If I like it, I tend to go for it.


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  1. OMG, you are so adorable it should be illegal! ;-) I think I'm going to try out your lipcolor here. Very pretty!