Papercute Dragon Horn Headband

Hey, guys!

Papercute has some new headbands!
Dragon horns, devil horns, and ram horns.
(There will be vegan material options available.)

The unicorn horn was a gift inspired off of my monster girl drawings!
Ahhhh! I'm so grateful :3

Papercute is the same shop that I got the kitty headband from.
She made a huge batch a little bit ago and they were sold out pretty quickly.

One of these cute kitty headbands will be part of a prize in a future giveaway!

As for now, Papercute themselves are holding a contest!

"Alright! Here are the contest details! Since Halloween is coming up, the point of the contest is to post pictures of Halloween costumes including a piece from Papercute!! If you don't own a piece, then post a costume that could use a Papercute accessory!! Not into Halloween costumes? Don't fret! Style contest will be held in the near future :D The prize is a custom Papercute order, NYX Crimson Amu
let palette, and moar to come!!

1. Must be a fan of Papercute!
2. Once you post your picture I will add it to the contest album.
3. Share your picture to get likes!

The person with the most likes will win the prize!"

The ending date has been extended to November 30th!

As most of you know for those who follow my blog(s), I am currently in a demon/monster girl phase. They're so cute! These dragon horns fit right into my inspirations.

They would be good for costume and cosplay as well.

They're very sturdy and a bit heavy.
At least I know I won't break a horn in half if I drop it by accident xD

Here is the unicorn headband!

I definitely would wear this with costume than with my daily wear.
I just need some wings and I can be a Princess in the MLP world *A*

(A review for this school uniform is coming up next!)

Here are a couple outfits I've worn with the dragon horns.
I guess they bring out the darker side of my wardrobe x]


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