Adventure Time Christmas Tree!

My husband and I are Adventure Time fans and decided to use it as the theme for our Christmas tree!
Our tree is black with rainbow lights. We figured it was suiting :3

I made the ornaments myself with foam and felt, but it was a really quick project so they're not done very well and look sloppy up close. From far away they're good though, haha!

I also ran out of some materials and couldn't made nearly as many characters as I wanted to. I'm glad I was able to do some alternate versions though like Fionna and Marshall Lee. I tried to make the main cast at the very least.

My favorites that I made are the Lemongrabs, LSP, and Princess Bubblegum!

The Snail waving a the bottom of the tree x]
Husband thought it would be a nice touch for it to be down there.

Ice King is on top with Gunter and Gunther just like in his Ice Kingdom!

We put PB and Marceline close to each other since a lot of people like them together :D
Maybe next year I'll improve on this or we'll have a new home-made theme. Who knows, but I'm excited already!

Anyways, I hope everyone has a safe and lovely holiday!
Remember that the holidays aren't always a happy time for everyone.
Let's all treat each other with kindness.


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