Pastel "Eyebow" Leggings by FoxTale Designs!

I'm glad to introduce to you all to my newest sponsor,

They sent me these amazing, beautiful, adorable pastel "Eyebow" Leggings which are NOW available in their store in sizes small, medium, and large. They sent them to be before they even had them in stock! Ahhh, I felt so special x]

There are two options:

Follow them on Facebook for updates and previews of new leggings and other items. I'm definitely excited to see what they will come out with next! I was told a few of them in the works and if you know me or follow me, I bet you'll be excited too!

Each pair is constructed by the owner of FoxTale Designs. So there is no slave labour kind of works going on behind this store. Their designs are also original, but this is just the beginning of their original art printed leggings!

As you can see from the pictures, the print is very clear and the colors are vibrant. The fabric is smooth and comfortable. The first time I put them on, I had people rub my legs cause they felt so nice, haha! I had to share the joy!

Below is me doing a couple yoga poses in them. I had these pictures taken for two reason.
One, to show you how comfortable they are and how nicely they fit. Two, to show you how far I've gotten with yoga this year! It was one of my New Year Resolutions to do more yoga and now I can do head stands without the wall. Woo!

I feel as if these leggings could double as activity wear :3
Your legs can still breathe in them while they stay in place!

I got the size Small and the legs are a bit long for me but she does do custom orders for those who request a certain length for their leggings. Just in case you've got short legs like mine or if you have very long legs.

Thank you for reading and please take a moment to check out their store!



UPDATED JAN25 - New FAQ Section

Hello, everyone!

I've been wanting to do a big giveaway for some time now and I've reached OVER a thousand followers on this blog! This is quite big to me because I remember getting my first hundred followers two years ago, not thinking I would ever reach this point!

It's been quite fun blogging and I'm incredibly thankful for each person who has been there with me from the beginning and to the new followers who have to thank for being interested in the content of this silly blog of mine!

All the prizes below are from friends and sponsors who have supported me and trusted me in providing content for this blog and helping me improve upon my style, reviews, and even in business aspects!

Outfit Post: Red Eyes + Red Lips

I decided to wear my Super Pinky Wine Red lenses!
Haven't worn red ones in awhile. Click the link for my review, along with the Super Pinky Grey.

I did photoshop them a little more vibrant in the picture below though.
I definitely want to get a few more red lenses. They're so much fun to wear!

Headband: Creepy Yeha | Horns: Halloween Store | Glasses: GoJane | Pink Cross Bracelet: Mixe Medium | Necklace: JewelMint gifted in the December GlossyBox

Sheer Black Long Sleeve: eBay | Sequence Top: gifted | Skirt: Wet Seal | Red Thigh Highs: SockDreams | Shoes: gifted | Backpack: Lost Mannequin


Glamour, Glitzy, & Gloss from GlossyBox!

The holidays are over but the gifts I've received are being well used into the new year!

Last month I received a box from GlossyBox, a company that sends out 5 varying beauty products to subscribers that range from hair, makeup, skin, and nail products. You can subscribe for one month, three months, 6 months, or a year. It can be a great gift to a friend or to yourself if you enjoy trying new things. I personally have enjoyed getting a present every month. It's very exciting!

They're available in many countries, so check them out and see if they ship to your own!

Pink Cat Eye Glasses, Pink Glittery Shoes + Outfits!

It's been awhile since I posted some outfits!
I tend to post them on my Instagram, which is aprilfoolromance, for those of you who want to follow!

Glasses - Icing | Pink + Black Necklace - Mixe Medium | Top - Goodwill | Skirt - Wet Seal
Jacket - gifted item | Socks - SockDreams | Shoes - Amazon | Lenses - Vassen Rainbow

Today I wore a few new items that I've been wanting to wear out. The first one is the cat eye glasses, from Icing. They're somewhat comically huge, but I guess that's suiting for my big head! Haha! They're heavy though and I have to push them up often.

The jacket I received as a Christmas present from an amazing, irreplaceable friend. In person it's a beautiful mint color. It's not often cool enough to wear heavier jackets like this, but I'm happy it's a part of my wardrobe!

Then lastly, my pretty, pretty glittery pink shoes! They were on a really good sale when they were purchased :3 Surprisingly, the first time I tried them on they were fairly comfortable for being right out of the box! The back of the heel just pinched a little from the stuff they put inside the shoe to keep it's shape. I got these off of Amazon,searching for glittery pink shoes :b
The glitter does come shed though. At least it's not tiny glitter. That stuff is so hard to get rid of x.x
I'll do a review on these when I've worn them out a few more times! More pictures too!

Here's a couple outfits.

This first one I'm wearing my CreepyYeha headband, and my top and shorts were altered items from Goodwill :0 Found the shirt and used fabric dye for the logo and the high waist shorts used to be pants, but I just cut those off.

This is officially one of my favorite hair styles. It was so easy and quick.

This was on Christmas day!
It was actually getting too hot to wear that light cardigan x .x
I'm in LOVE with this skirt. It matches my hair amazingly well, and I found it at Goodwill :0
Can you tell I like going to Goodwill? Hahaha! I have great luck finding items I really like some how.

I wore one of my favorite necklaces that says Dolly. It's a custom name necklace from DiDepux!
You can request more than 5 letters if you have a longer name or word you want to use :]

Thanks for reading!


Decolog Eyelashes Who's Series (Rich) Review

Hello all, it's definitely been awhile!

I hope everyone had a safe holiday break and got to have some relaxation time :]
I've come back with an eyelash review sponsored by...

Click the name of the lashes above to see where to buy.
The following review is created by my own experience and opinion.

Circle Lenses: i.Fairy Ash Blue. Click for review!