UPDATED JAN25 - New FAQ Section

Hello, everyone!

I've been wanting to do a big giveaway for some time now and I've reached OVER a thousand followers on this blog! This is quite big to me because I remember getting my first hundred followers two years ago, not thinking I would ever reach this point!

It's been quite fun blogging and I'm incredibly thankful for each person who has been there with me from the beginning and to the new followers who have to thank for being interested in the content of this silly blog of mine!

All the prizes below are from friends and sponsors who have supported me and trusted me in providing content for this blog and helping me improve upon my style, reviews, and even in business aspects!

The sponsors who have generously supplied prizes for this giveaway are:

They sell beauty products from makeup, hair, to skin, as well as accessories and a huge assortment of circle lenses! They have been my sponsor for over a year now and have been nothing but pleasant, patient, and understanding. Their FB page grew from 3k to 16k Likes ever since we started our partnership! If you use Web of Trust (WOT) and their website appears in red, don't be alarmed. They recently changed their name from Shoppingholics to LoveShoppingholics and I'm sure there were people who were giving them bad ratings. As in any business, there are times where there are hiccups, but LoveShoppingholics responds to their customers queries!

A trendy online jewelry and accessories store, posted in Hawaii. They occasionally set up a table at certain events around Hawaii, so keep up with their FB if you live there! All their items are hand made by the owner and once in awhile, you'll see her collaborate with other artists. Her items are both delicate and edgy. Perfect point pieces that can be worn by themselves.

The owner of Paper Cute and I have been friends for many years online! She's kind, cute, and very crafty! She's the one that provided the popular Jewel Kitten Headband. She has very many different designs and also does horn headbands and jewelry and accessories. Her taste varies which makes an interesting assortment of items to buy!

They are one of my newest sponsors! They carry clothing, jewelry, and accessories. All personally designed and created by the owner. The items she sells range from fun and cute to mature and elegant. I got my "Martian Babe" t-shirt from her! She also sells pretty plugs for people with stretched ears :D

MyLuxury1st sells all types of hair extensions. Even types that I didn't know about, haha! They're very thorough with what they have available and the colors they carry go from natural to unnatural. The owner responds quickly to messages!

If you like cute, then you must take a look at this store! Lots of pastels, bright colors, cute shapes, and fun designs. She sells jewelry, accessories, and some decorated phone cases!


Here is a list of the prizes:
1. TWO pairs of circle lenses from LoveShoppingholics.
Absolutely your choice, prescription or no prescription.
2. Toyoepin Eye False Eyelashes, 5 pairs
3. "AS IF" Tank Top, you pick the size!
4. Celestial Pin Set, 1 moon and 2 stars
5. Sailor Moon R Locket Inspired Necklace
6. Sailor Moon R Locket Pin
7. Black Jeweled Kitten Headband
8. Paper Cute Earrings
9. Paper CuteHair Pin
10. Paper Cute Bracelet
11. MyLuxury1st Hair Clips, 20" Human Hair
In 2 colors, burgundy and blue.
12. Skull Bracelet
13. Tripple Cross Earrings
14. Cross Hand Harness
15. Cross and Spike Necklace

All in all, 17 separate pieces!

So if you've been following me for some time now, you've probably Liked at least half of my sponsors or more on FB, but for you new followers, if you really want to win these prizes it's MANDATORY to Like ALL their pages! They are hard working business owners who sell their own products. Plus, this giveaway is pretty much dedicated to long-time followers. Since I have no real way to set those kind of restrictions or rules, I just hope one of you wins!


The Rules
- Entries are only acceptable through Rafflecopter.
- All mandatory entries must be filled in order to be the winner.
- This is an international giveaway, but Israel is not included due to shipping policy problems.
- You must be at least 17-years-old! I will ask for proof before I officially announce the winner.

Once again, thank you everyone who is following me!


Why do you have to be at least 17 to enter your giveaway?
The prizes for my giveaway are sponsored by real businesses and to provide them with more exposure and customers would require people who are able to buy into their interests. It’s just more likely for people over 17 to fall into that category, as well as the chances of those of age to have a social network of people who can also financially support their interests.

Plus, I try not to give circle lenses to younger people just because I don’t know if their parents/guardians would allow it. Circle lenses are related to hygienic practices and if the person so happens to neglect proper care and finds themselves with an infection, I don’t want myself or my sponsors to be blamed. I’m trusting that those who enter any of my giveaways that include circle lenses are practicing safe lens care.

I’m just watching out for all sides, for myself, my readers, and for my sponsors. I would love to have younger people enter this giveaway but since this is a very big one of which I’ve been trusted by several businesses, I want to make sure that they get back as much as they have given me.


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