Decolog Eyelashes Who's Series (Rich) Review

Hello all, it's definitely been awhile!

I hope everyone had a safe holiday break and got to have some relaxation time :]
I've come back with an eyelash review sponsored by...

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The following review is created by my own experience and opinion.

Circle Lenses: i.Fairy Ash Blue. Click for review!

Circle Lenses: EOS Candy Pink. Click for review!

I think these need a little more careful handling. If you tug at them too much it may ruin the shape but I've used the first set more than a handful of times now and they still look exactly as I first used them.

Length + Volume
The length surpasses my eye length so I had to cut the ends a little bit. The volume is between normal to high. For short lashes like mine, they're pretty high but for people with naturally long lashes, these may just blend well with theirs and add thickness.

These are a cross between natural and dramatic, in my opinion. Natural because they're feathery. Dramatic because they're thick. Thicker for those who don't wear falsies or only wear very small/normal lashes.

Once I cut them to fit my eyes better they were very comfy! They're light lashes with an invisible spine, which tend to be more flexible and comfortable than black spines.

Over All
As I thought, I would really like these. They're not too dramatic in their design, but they're thick enough to make distinct difference. They're very pretty :]

Here's some pictures of the packaging.


Thanks for reading and Happy New Years!


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