Glamour, Glitzy, & Gloss from GlossyBox!

The holidays are over but the gifts I've received are being well used into the new year!

Last month I received a box from GlossyBox, a company that sends out 5 varying beauty products to subscribers that range from hair, makeup, skin, and nail products. You can subscribe for one month, three months, 6 months, or a year. It can be a great gift to a friend or to yourself if you enjoy trying new things. I personally have enjoyed getting a present every month. It's very exciting!

They're available in many countries, so check them out and see if they ship to your own!

Christmas themed! I wonder if they will do a Valentine theme, that would be so adorable!
On their site they said that GlossyBox is "Valentine's Approved" so maybe you can hint for a subscription to your significant other and receive months of random gifts!

According to the season, and sometimes holiday, they change their products accordingly to match the festivities and/or current trends.

In each box are little black papers to cushion the products and protect them from travel.

In each box, there is a card explaining the products and their original price at their fill size.
Occasionally, they will send a full size product! All the ones I have received were amazing and I used them all up! I'm still using the Missha M Perfect BB cream they sent a few months back :]


Forest Essentials Luxurious Ayurveda Bath & Shower Oil
Madurai Jasmine & Magra

Jasmine is one of my favorite scents, as well as my sister's. I hadn't told her about this product but she noticed the new scent I was using and asked if she could try it out. I can say it's a favorite product for both of us. It moisturizes because it's an oil but it doesn't feel greasy or over whelming. It's smooth feeling. The scent is very relaxing and it's not over powering at all. A little goes a long way too.
If jasmine is one of your favorite scents and you love bath products, this is something I would recommend. I'm already sad for when we use it all up!

Heartland Fragrance Co. Epsom Salts White Tea

Salts are really fun to use if you don't mind the grainy texture. I use it as a exfoliate but it's not rough. I'm sure it does a little exfoliating but you would need a loofa or scrub to really get it done. I feel that this product is something to refresh the skin. Because it's salt it does sting a little. At least when I use bath salts on my skin it tends to sting a little. There was a lot in this little bag that they sent so I still have plenty!

mark. Lipclick Luxe Lipstick in m.powerment petal

Can I say how BEAUTIFUL this lipstick is? From the container to the color. The lipstick cap is magnetic so it won't come loose and your lipstick won't get ruined! This time the lipstick didn't melt because it actually wasn't as hot in Florida during December. It stayed in perfect shape.

The lipstick is moisturizing, smooth, and applies evenly. To me it's a mature and natural color. It's not too bright or outrageous. It can be worn daily, comfortably and look like you're not wearing lipstick. It evens out the darker parts of my lips and can be used as a base if you want to use a brighter color or gloss on top.

It's pretty, the lipstick is quality, the container is sturdy and attractive, and the cap is magnetic so your lipstick doesn't get ruined in your bag. For $12, I think it's very worth it and a very reasonable price for all that.

Parfume PLEATS PLEASE by Issey Miyake

Personally, I prefer warmer scents such as vanilla and jasmine, or fruity and fresh ones like cucumber or VS's Bombshell. So I gave this little sample to my sister because she really liked it. She described it as a floral scent. Everyone has different preferences! I'm glad she liked it :]

WELLA Velvet Amplifier

They sent a very tiny sample packet, and I lost it before I could try it out! Oh, graciousness.
I feel awful about it but it's somewhere in my room. Maybe I can trie it then, haha!
But I'm not unfamiliar to Wella products, as I've used a couple of their hair toners and wasn't disappointed with the results. I can only hope that their other products hold true!

ZOYA Nail Lacquers

GLITTER. It's so much fun to use glitter on nails but it's a PAIN to get it off. I've been keeping away from it because of that so I was a little sad to get this, UNTIL my friend showed me this genius way of applying glitter nail polish from

Now I just need to get an empty nail polish bottle and try this out!

Necklace from JewelMint Jewelry

As a holiday gift, GlossyBox included a piece of jewelry from JewelMint!
Occasionally, they will send 6 products instead of 5.

This one is yet another favorite item from this month's box. I was surprised with this item and felt very lucky to receive this one specifically. I saw some other people's jewelry and this one fits me so well. At Glossybox, they do try to personalize each box to the subscriber.

It came in a small velvet bag to keep it protected. It's shiny and it's weight is heavy. It doesn't feel cheap at all. On the back it has a pin so I can take out the chain and wear it as a brooch instead. I don't like birds much, but I'm a sucker for hearts and love, and the colors red and gold. So in the end this was a winner for me.


So, WOW, GlossyBox outdid themselves for their Holiday themed box for December. Lots of useful and beautiful goodies that doesn't restrict itself to holiday season only. I can use these year round and they gifted products to treat myself during times of stress.

On their site, they do release what products they send out each month so you can see ahead of time if you want to cancel your subscription for that month or go ahead and buy the box for that month.

I hope you enjoyed your GlossyBox if you got to receive one for December!

Thanks for reading!


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