Pastel "Eyebow" Leggings by FoxTale Designs!

I'm glad to introduce to you all to my newest sponsor,

They sent me these amazing, beautiful, adorable pastel "Eyebow" Leggings which are NOW available in their store in sizes small, medium, and large. They sent them to be before they even had them in stock! Ahhh, I felt so special x]

There are two options:

Follow them on Facebook for updates and previews of new leggings and other items. I'm definitely excited to see what they will come out with next! I was told a few of them in the works and if you know me or follow me, I bet you'll be excited too!

Each pair is constructed by the owner of FoxTale Designs. So there is no slave labour kind of works going on behind this store. Their designs are also original, but this is just the beginning of their original art printed leggings!

As you can see from the pictures, the print is very clear and the colors are vibrant. The fabric is smooth and comfortable. The first time I put them on, I had people rub my legs cause they felt so nice, haha! I had to share the joy!

Below is me doing a couple yoga poses in them. I had these pictures taken for two reason.
One, to show you how comfortable they are and how nicely they fit. Two, to show you how far I've gotten with yoga this year! It was one of my New Year Resolutions to do more yoga and now I can do head stands without the wall. Woo!

I feel as if these leggings could double as activity wear :3
Your legs can still breathe in them while they stay in place!

I got the size Small and the legs are a bit long for me but she does do custom orders for those who request a certain length for their leggings. Just in case you've got short legs like mine or if you have very long legs.

Thank you for reading and please take a moment to check out their store!


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