i.Fairy Keizen Blue Circle Lens Review

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The content of this review is from my own experience and opinion.
Please take a look at my Circle Lens Care page if you are interested in circle lenses!

LoveShoppingholics has this series in Blue, Brown, and Grey.
Their prescription is available between -0.00 to -.8.50!

On my eyes this lens is a slate blue color. It’s not vibrant unless it shows through the white of my eye. The pattern is very natural and blends in well.

This lens is 16.2mm so it’s definitely a good choice if you want to have the big dolly eyes.

They’re so comfortable that I kept forgetting that I was wearing them!
Every time I took my pink glasses off, I’d get confused that I could see well, haha! They don’t dry up too easy either.

I was a little disappointed because I wanted the halo effect (white showing through the lens) but I don’t often get a halo from lenses. These are bigger lenses so a halo is likely for most people.
Aside that, I’m impressed with the color and pattern. It’s very natural and comfortable to wear!


 I think this would be a great lens for people who like the natural look but want bigger eyes. Even up close and far away it doesn't look eerie or too noticeable. Personally, it isn't a very colorful lens for me but the halo is super, super pretty when it shows. If the blue was more opaque and bright I'd like it more. Oh well, it's still nice :3 I much prefer it on other people with smaller irises though. So jelly of the pretty halo ♡

Thank you for taking a look at my review!


GlossyBox: The Man Repeller Edition Review

Here is my review for GlossyBox's January box,
"The Man Repeller"

If you are unfamiliar with GlossyBox, they are a beauty box company that sends out 5 travel-sized products that range from skin, hair, makeup, and nail products. Sometimes they include a special 6th item and on occasion send full sized items!

You can subscribe for one month, three months, half a year, or a full year.
I've been receiving them since last year and they're super fun!
It's always a surprise and a joy to try out new things :]

Outfit: Live Evil Hat + New Shoes!

I'm gonna make a little rant up here.

Sometimes when I post pictures of myself I want to apologize for certain parts of my body that don't reflect celebrities or models. For example, most recently I said, "I'm sorry I don't have prettier eyes." And just now, with the picture below I wanted to say, "I'm sorry my legs aren't that thin."

I want to correct myself.
Don't EVER apologize for how you look.

Don't say you're sorry that you're not prettier or thinner, or this or that. How you look is fine. You don't need to change anything. What you were born with is absolutely satisfactory. It's what's around us that makes us feel inadequate that tell us to "reach perfection" by changing ourselves.

It's okay to have those interests and it's okay to change yourself. It's your body and your choice, but don't ever apologize to anyone of how you look. Your hair, your skin tone, your height, your face, your fashion sense. You have nothing to apologize for concerning with how you look, to anyone. If it's something that holds you back personally and you want to change it, go for it! It's for you and you matter in your life.

Don't forget yourself. You're not living this life to satisfy others. Learn to be happy with who you are and what you have. Life is more fun when we put the small things to the side and enjoy what we like shamelessly. Wear those short shorts, don't shave, wear black lipstick, dye your hair, shave your hair, get plastic surgery! Just be you. Act as you would act without someone shaming you for your decisions and your outlook of what is beautiful for you.

In the end, we're all human, we all have mortal bodies. When we're gone, everything is gone. What we're left with are the impressions of who we are. Not our weight, not if we looked like celebrities. We remember what makes the person who they were and what we took from them.

Inspire and motivate yourself, and others, to be who you are. Surround yourself with people who support and love you and kick out people who no longer helps you grow.

“Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”


Hat: DIY | Collar: cut off from an old top | Necklace: took from my mom, bwahahaha! | Cardigan: Ross | Top: Charlotte Russe | Shorts: GoodWill | Shoes: AmiClubWear

New, pretty shoes! They look just like the picture. Very tall, very bright.
I got these on sale for $15.99 and they were the absolute last pair.
It was amazing that the last pair was actually my size too e .e'

They're six inches tall, I believe. They were a little hard to walk in before I tightened the straps. I don't know why I do that. I always make buckle my shoe straps too loose and then later adjust them. After that, I was walking straight but I was still being careful since they're new and I'm unfamiliar with the feeling of them.

Circle Lens: GEO Starmish Brown

I made this hat last year and someone wanted a tutorial of how I did it. I think I might go ahead and grab a couple hats and do that. DIY is a lot of fun and makes your items more personalized.


GEO Starmish Black Lens Review

I was sponsored these lenses from
They carry this lens in non-prescription and prescription up to -8.00.
You can use this discount code 1000161850 for $2USD off.

Here is an ad for the GEO Starmish Black lens.

As you can see on her eye it's a very noticeable difference.
But if you look at my review there isn't a big difference in size!
Don't forget that each review is unique because of the person's eye shape.


Everything in this review is according my own opinion and experience.
Please, take a look at my Circle Lens Care page if you're interested in circle lenses!

This is an opaque black lens. It has no color or tones in it. The pattern blends well into the eye color.

The pixels on the lens doesn’t reach the edge of the lens itself, so it’s not a full 14.5mm effect. But It does give the look of larger eyes.

For me, this is a comfortable lens. I don’t feel them when I put them on and I can wear them for many hours.

This is the first black lens I’ve ever worn so I didn’t know what to expect. Most of the time that I’ve seen black lenses on people they are a little overwhelming but these feel as if they’re more for defining rather than enlarging. However, I have fairly big eyes and these lenses may give others the dolly look if their eyes are smaller than mine. Aside that, I do enjoy seeing my own eye color through them!


The GEO Starmish Black is very different from the GEO Starmish Brown.
I think the brown lens looks bigger than the black lens even though both are 14.5mm.

Below, you can see a little bit of a halo on the lens.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, a halo is referred the to white of the eye showing through the pattern of a lens! Look at my eye, to your left. The edge of the lens has tiny flecks of white showing through. It's not very obvious because my eyes are somewhat big which doesn't allow a halo unless I get much bigger lenses or if I'm looking around more exaggeratedly, like in this picture.

I don't know what else to say about this lens. They're very plain and I tend to lean towards colorful or bold lens designs, but I do like these. Mostly because I can see my own eye color and I actually like the look together. I find my eyes rather boring so this makes it a little more vibrant :3


Btw, should I start adding an extra picture of how the lens looks on a lower quality camera?
For example, the GEO Starmish Brown and Black on the front camera of my phone.

GIFs, too.

If there is a good amount of requests for it, then I'll add them in!


Outfit Post: Black + White

Black and white is one of my favorite combinations :3
As well as school uniform inspired outfits!
I think they look cute on anyone x]

Headband: CreepyYeha | Bowtie: ribbon from a dress | Top: Goodwill | Suspenders: Claire's | Skirt: Wet Seal | Socks: SockDreams | Shoes: gifted

I'm also wearing the GEO Starmish Black lenses!
They're the first black lenses I've ever tried and I didn't think I'd like them as much. To my surprise, they're very pretty. I can see my brown eyes through them and I think it looks nice :3 That's my next review!

The heart ring is from FoxTale Designs but I already broke it cause I was in a rush and it got caught. DDDx'''

Since I was doing a black and white outfit, I wanted to take a few picture with my dog, Winter.
It's nutty that she's turning five years old this year!

Puppy winter was the cutest.
LORD. It still melts my heart T ^T
This is the day we got her!


Bunny LOVE illustration!

This is my latest drawing!
Normally I'm not so in love with my own work but this is actually really cute.
I'm surprised I was able to make something I thought was adorable x]

Dollize is the name I want to use if/when I open my own shop :3
Not sure what the content will be just yet, but at least I've got a name ready, haha!

And can you tell what my favorite shape is?
I think it would be obvious by now xD


GEO Starmish Brown Lens Review

I've been working on this new lens review layout for some time now and I'm glad I can finally use it with these sponsored lenses from LoveShoppingholics! I made a couple changes to my blog lay out as well :]

LoveShoppingholics has this lens in stock for non-prescription and prescription up to -8.00. 

They also have a black color. Which I'll review next!
You use my discount code 1000161850 for $2USD off!

This review is entirely by my own experience and opinion.
Please take a look at my Circle Lens Care page.

This is an opaque lens that will boldly show on dark brown eyes. The different brown tones are vibrant, not dull. The pattern is semi-natural and eye catching, and the pupil hole is very defined.

The print of the lens does not reach the edge of the lens itself but they will still give the effect of bigger eyes without being too over powering, even with the black outer ring. For me, they’re a perfect size.

These lenses were comfortable for me. They don’t slide around or dry up. The pupil hole is big enough that I don’t see the edges of the lens.

They are lovely! The brown is a
beautiful tone that isn’t dull but not too unusual. The pattern is pretty up close and looks good from far away.

By the way, they can look just like in the advertisement if you have really good lighting and some lightening in photoshop. It looks nice, but I definitely like them just as they are too :]


I'm getting a lot of inspiration from Japanese fashion magazines for my layouts.
I still prefer a more simple design but they look so fun and energetic. I really love that!

They've also helped me improve a lot of my makeup, hair, and picture posing! I don't follow any specific magazines any more but I follow a couple blogs on Tumblr that posts magazine scans. I can't wait till my hair is long enough to do more of the long hair styles that I want to try out x]

Thanks for reading!