GEO Starmish Black Lens Review

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Here is an ad for the GEO Starmish Black lens.

As you can see on her eye it's a very noticeable difference.
But if you look at my review there isn't a big difference in size!
Don't forget that each review is unique because of the person's eye shape.


Everything in this review is according my own opinion and experience.
Please, take a look at my Circle Lens Care page if you're interested in circle lenses!

This is an opaque black lens. It has no color or tones in it. The pattern blends well into the eye color.

The pixels on the lens doesn’t reach the edge of the lens itself, so it’s not a full 14.5mm effect. But It does give the look of larger eyes.

For me, this is a comfortable lens. I don’t feel them when I put them on and I can wear them for many hours.

This is the first black lens I’ve ever worn so I didn’t know what to expect. Most of the time that I’ve seen black lenses on people they are a little overwhelming but these feel as if they’re more for defining rather than enlarging. However, I have fairly big eyes and these lenses may give others the dolly look if their eyes are smaller than mine. Aside that, I do enjoy seeing my own eye color through them!


The GEO Starmish Black is very different from the GEO Starmish Brown.
I think the brown lens looks bigger than the black lens even though both are 14.5mm.

Below, you can see a little bit of a halo on the lens.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, a halo is referred the to white of the eye showing through the pattern of a lens! Look at my eye, to your left. The edge of the lens has tiny flecks of white showing through. It's not very obvious because my eyes are somewhat big which doesn't allow a halo unless I get much bigger lenses or if I'm looking around more exaggeratedly, like in this picture.

I don't know what else to say about this lens. They're very plain and I tend to lean towards colorful or bold lens designs, but I do like these. Mostly because I can see my own eye color and I actually like the look together. I find my eyes rather boring so this makes it a little more vibrant :3


Btw, should I start adding an extra picture of how the lens looks on a lower quality camera?
For example, the GEO Starmish Brown and Black on the front camera of my phone.

GIFs, too.

If there is a good amount of requests for it, then I'll add them in!


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