GEO Starmish Brown Lens Review

I've been working on this new lens review layout for some time now and I'm glad I can finally use it with these sponsored lenses from LoveShoppingholics! I made a couple changes to my blog lay out as well :]

LoveShoppingholics has this lens in stock for non-prescription and prescription up to -8.00. 

They also have a black color. Which I'll review next!
You use my discount code 1000161850 for $2USD off!

This review is entirely by my own experience and opinion.
Please take a look at my Circle Lens Care page.

This is an opaque lens that will boldly show on dark brown eyes. The different brown tones are vibrant, not dull. The pattern is semi-natural and eye catching, and the pupil hole is very defined.

The print of the lens does not reach the edge of the lens itself but they will still give the effect of bigger eyes without being too over powering, even with the black outer ring. For me, they’re a perfect size.

These lenses were comfortable for me. They don’t slide around or dry up. The pupil hole is big enough that I don’t see the edges of the lens.

They are lovely! The brown is a
beautiful tone that isn’t dull but not too unusual. The pattern is pretty up close and looks good from far away.

By the way, they can look just like in the advertisement if you have really good lighting and some lightening in photoshop. It looks nice, but I definitely like them just as they are too :]


I'm getting a lot of inspiration from Japanese fashion magazines for my layouts.
I still prefer a more simple design but they look so fun and energetic. I really love that!

They've also helped me improve a lot of my makeup, hair, and picture posing! I don't follow any specific magazines any more but I follow a couple blogs on Tumblr that posts magazine scans. I can't wait till my hair is long enough to do more of the long hair styles that I want to try out x]

Thanks for reading!


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