GlossyBox: The Man Repeller Edition Review

Here is my review for GlossyBox's January box,
"The Man Repeller"

If you are unfamiliar with GlossyBox, they are a beauty box company that sends out 5 travel-sized products that range from skin, hair, makeup, and nail products. Sometimes they include a special 6th item and on occasion send full sized items!

You can subscribe for one month, three months, half a year, or a full year.
I've been receiving them since last year and they're super fun!
It's always a surprise and a joy to try out new things :]

As you can see below they sent more than 5 items to try out, but their January box was a special edition. If you go to their site, they do have a page where they reveal all the items they send. Each box is slightly different. There are a few products they sent to others that I didn't get. I've seen that some people buy two boxes in hopes of getting all the items!

Let's start with...

Le Metier de Beaute
Replenishing Daily Solution

I am not a fan of sample packets. They normally don't give enough to make up a real thorough review.
However... I have never been so impressed with a product in my life with just the first try.

It was smooth, it felt great, it didn't break me out (but that's not quite a problem for me with trying different products). I'd say the description fits it well! My only complaint was that it didn't have a very pleasant smell. It has that typical plastic product scent. This little packet lasted me for three uses. I was sad it was gone!

I forgot to take a picture of the product itself. It's a creamy moisturizer kind of texture. It kept shape but it wasn't so thick. It was easy to put on my skin evenly. It was also a light pink color!

Sadly, the full price is $225 and that's not exactly pocket money for me. I'm glad I was able to try it out though. It definitely works!

 Narciso Rodriguez
for her

This has a mature scent, as I'd like to call it. More powdery and warm. Versus light scents that are fruity and flowery. It's not a personal preference of mine but I do like it. It doesn't smell annoying or catches in your nose, like how some scents can be.

Sebastian Professional
Potion 9
I've used this a couple times and it does feel like my hair is more hydrated. It's not a huge difference but my hair is better with it than without it. I put it in my hair while it's damp. The time I blow dried my hair with it in, the ends of my hair where it's the worst wasn't tangling as bad nor did it frizz.

The product itself has a shampoo-like smell but it's not strong. The texture it smooth and even. It doesn't run, but it can be a bit sticky on the hands.

Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum

This is a very tiny bottle but there's plenty in it to give it a fairly good trial. I only need to use a small amount to cover most of my face. I say most, because I have specific oily/shiny areas. My nose, forehead, and a little bit on my chin and cheek area closer to my nose.

This is for Normal to Oily Skin, but I've found that most products that say that are only decent for oily skin. This did okay with me for a few hours and then I start getting shiny again. Partly if my body is heated up, then the other part of just being naturally oily. It probably would work well for someone with slightly oily skin, if it bothers them a lot.

It does have a smell. Kind of an assortment of natural smell. It's not sticky and dries fast with a silky, smooth texture.

OPI "Can't Let Go"
Liquid Sand Nail Laquer 

Before I even tried this, I had a couple people telling me they loved this product and got many compliments on it. It's definitely a beautiful laquer! I've never tried anything like this before and it's pretty brilliant.

It has a textured matte finish, as you can see in the picture. It was a little weird since it's not smooth like regular nail laquer, but it's not so rough that it irritates your skin.

I only did two applications for it to be completely opaque and it dries fairly quickly. Without a base coat it does flakes off easier. When it comes to the color, it's just beautiful and the glitter and shine is very attractive in person.

I'm very happy with the color they sent me, but I'm very curious about the other colors now :]

Estee Lauder
Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara
(circle lens: i.Fairy Keizen Blue)

It's got quite a showy name but unfortunately, I wasn't impressed. As you can see I have very thin lashes. Though while it does make my lashes thicker and longer, I've used a product that's made a huge difference without me using falsies. There is a possibility that I may not have had a lot of product in this tiny bottle sample though.

Anyways, the mascara I was referring to was actually sent in my second GlossyBox from last year! It's called Show-OFF Mascara by beautyADDICTS and it's $20. I'd say it's very worth it.
GlossyBox sent a full size and I used it all up! 

tarte glamazon pure performance 12-hour lipstick
(circle lens: GEO Starmish Brown)

And lastly, my favorite product!

I'm a huge fan of bright pure red lipstick and this passes! Red lipstick is so classy and beautiful to me. It doesn't have a strong pink or orange tint in it, which is something that can make quite a difference for your skin tone. I believe everyone can pull off red lipstick. It just takes the right shade! I've convinced quite a few of my friends into wearing red lipstick after they've tried a few different shades :]
This series of lipstick from tarte has other natural shades, plus one other red shade, but I couldn't be happier with any color than this one which is called Fierce.

As you can see in the picture, it's a strong product that doesn't need many layers for a full, opaque application. Trust me on this, you don't need many layers of application. My husband decided to be ridiculous and kissed me a million times with this lipstick on me and it was bright and opaque on both of us! Hahaha!

It glides on easily and doesn't cake into chapped lips. It's also moisturized so it doesn't dry out my lips, which is amazing. It's also long lasting but it will come off on things that you put your lips on and may stain. It's easy to take off with makeup remover though.

Now I do have to make note of the design of the lipstick tube. It's pretty and I love the natural and modern look to it. However, even though it's lengthy, the purple tube part is the only places where all product is. There's none in the bottom wooden area. Some people pointed that out and felt it was either a waste of space or that they should have filled it with more product. I don't particularly mind either way. The size isn't so big that it will take a lot of room in your bag (and the cap is secure), and I honestly think there's plenty of product since it's really quality stuff.


For those of you who are signed up with GlossyBox, I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did!

For those of you who aren't signed up with GlossyBox, for one box to try out it's only $21 which is amazing considering the products they send. It can be hit or miss depending on your preference of products because each month has random new things, but I believe you can customize your box a bit with what kind of products you're more interested in.


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Thank you for taking the time to look at my review!


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