i.Fairy Keizen Blue Circle Lens Review

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The content of this review is from my own experience and opinion.
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LoveShoppingholics has this series in Blue, Brown, and Grey.
Their prescription is available between -0.00 to -.8.50!

On my eyes this lens is a slate blue color. It’s not vibrant unless it shows through the white of my eye. The pattern is very natural and blends in well.

This lens is 16.2mm so it’s definitely a good choice if you want to have the big dolly eyes.

They’re so comfortable that I kept forgetting that I was wearing them!
Every time I took my pink glasses off, I’d get confused that I could see well, haha! They don’t dry up too easy either.

I was a little disappointed because I wanted the halo effect (white showing through the lens) but I don’t often get a halo from lenses. These are bigger lenses so a halo is likely for most people.
Aside that, I’m impressed with the color and pattern. It’s very natural and comfortable to wear!


 I think this would be a great lens for people who like the natural look but want bigger eyes. Even up close and far away it doesn't look eerie or too noticeable. Personally, it isn't a very colorful lens for me but the halo is super, super pretty when it shows. If the blue was more opaque and bright I'd like it more. Oh well, it's still nice :3 I much prefer it on other people with smaller irises though. So jelly of the pretty halo ♡

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  1. Yet another perfect review! I absolutely love your lens reviews :D you look so pretty and cute ^^