Outfit Post: Black + White

Black and white is one of my favorite combinations :3
As well as school uniform inspired outfits!
I think they look cute on anyone x]

Headband: CreepyYeha | Bowtie: ribbon from a dress | Top: Goodwill | Suspenders: Claire's | Skirt: Wet Seal | Socks: SockDreams | Shoes: gifted

I'm also wearing the GEO Starmish Black lenses!
They're the first black lenses I've ever tried and I didn't think I'd like them as much. To my surprise, they're very pretty. I can see my brown eyes through them and I think it looks nice :3 That's my next review!

The heart ring is from FoxTale Designs but I already broke it cause I was in a rush and it got caught. DDDx'''

Since I was doing a black and white outfit, I wanted to take a few picture with my dog, Winter.
It's nutty that she's turning five years old this year!

Puppy winter was the cutest.
LORD. It still melts my heart T ^T
This is the day we got her!


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