Bodyline Costume574 Review - Heart Apron Red Maid Dress

This is my third order from Bodyline and my second maid dress from them as well!
All three costumes came in good condition and quality, and the shipping was great too.
The other costumes I got were this maid dress, Costume448 Review, and this school uniform, Costume242 Review.

As for this maid dress, it comes in six different colors and they carry sizes M, L, 2L, and 4L.
You get three pieces. The dress, the apron, and the katyusha (headband).
In order to get it to flare out you will need to buy your own petticoat.

It looks just like the picture but it was longer than I expected it to be. The length is great for people who are taller or prefer longer dresses. As for me, I wanted it to be shorter to balance out my height, so I pulled the dress up behind the heart part of the apron. That's why in my picture the waist band of the apron is a little hidden.

The dress has a zipper in the back and it was easy to zip up. The fabric is non-stretchy but the waist is very wide and using the apron brings the dress in. The fabric is very comfortable. It's a light fabric which is great for warmer weather, which what I was concerned about for the event I was attending with this maid dress.

I got a size M and I wish they carried a S because it was kind of loose and baggy on me. They have the measurements for each size, but I wonder what the measurements would have been for a S. I do know someone that is much smaller than I am which she got the size M and the apron really brings it all together. So I don't see it as a huge concern or flaw because it looks fine, but I figured I'd add this in anyways.

The sleeves of the dress are comfortable and aren't too tight. They have plenty of room for people that have thicker arms like I do. Around the edge they use a soft lace that I feel is very delicate. Keep it away from items that might tear at it.

Also, because I got the red dress I accidentally stained the lace. It does NOT come in pink. The lace was a very bright white but since I used hot water when I hand washed it and let it sit too long, the dye stained it. I don't think it will be a problem with the other colors, but red is a very strong and bright color. The water turned pink very quickly. So BIG warning, if you get this particular color, wash it mindfully.

The apron is the focal point of this costume because of the cute heart shape! That is the biggest reason why I was drawn to it in the first place. The bow is sewed directly onto it.

The straps of the apron are very long.
It gives plenty of length for a bow with long tails or for those with wider waists. 

The ends of the straps are slightly angled.
And it's a bright white apron, with no hints of ivory, as you can see compared to my blanket.

The top of the apron is a little too long for me because I'm very short. There is a way to adjust the length in the back, which is shown above. They have a hidden button and two button holes. For me, I may need a third or fourth button hole to fit more comfortably. Another friend of mine got this dress as well and is the same height as me. It was also too long for her and the shoulder straps would fall off.

The ruffles on the shoulder straps are very cute and stick up by themselves
Though they may be a little flat from being packaged and shipped.

The little accessories I wore with the costume I made myself. Even though the costume is cute by itself I wanted to personalize the look! The costume is very plain which allows anyone to make creative additions or add patterned pieces.


Thank you for taking the time to read my review!


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