MEGACON 2013 - Warning: Picture Heavy!

Last week was Megacon in Orlando, FL!

It was really fun and I was able to meet up with a few of my friends. It was great finally getting to see them in person. I even meet people from Tumblr and Instagram :D I was thrilled that people recognized me in the crowd by my name. I felt really special, haha! Some of us even took pictures together :] But I won't be posting those for privacy reasons, just in case they don't want to be in my blog.

As for me and my friends, we decided to do a maid group on Saturday since we wanted to do something together. The lighting wasn't very good so it's a really dark picture, but this is how we dressed together. We wound up being stuck in this spot for at least 20 minutes as photographers and people who wanted pictures passed by. It was a lot of fun!

From left to right, my sister, Lara, and my friends, Leena, Jen, and Celeste.

Jen and Leena ordered the same maid dress as I was wearing but in different colors.
The apron is an adorable heart shape ♡ I will be posting a review of the maid uniform shortly.

My makeup was pretty basic since there was so much detail in my outfit already. The lipstick I used is the Smashbox Megatint Long Wear Lip Color in "Nude". Another product I must review soon because it's AWESOME.

And everything I wore matched! The lenses I wore are the i.Fairy Venus Red and oh my goodness, they are gorgeous. I'm excited to review these as well and show you all better pictures of the lace-like pattern! You can see that they glow a dark red from far away.

This is my second maid dress and I'm just as excited and in love with it. As a short run down, the dress really is comfortable. Even though the weather wasn't hot, the material was sturdy but thin enough to not over heat. It comes with the dress, apron, and headband.

Below are the accessories I made myself to wear with it!

The bunny ears were made of felt, pipe cleaner, and ribbon to tie in the back. It was sewn together. It was easy and cheap to make for a last minute accessory. The bunny clips were made of felt as well and the hearts were made of that hard felt material. I'm not sure what it's specifically called. They were attached with safety pins since I didn't have actual pins to glue on.

I sewed the collar, cuffs, and lace together. I used velcro on them. It's awesome stuff. I prefer using velcro over sewing in buttons and making button holes, if I can help it. It's lazy but it gets it done, haha. It's also less difficult to put on by myself.

Then lastly, I made myself a little bag to carry around my phone, mirror/brush, and lipstick.
It was cute and functional :D

The pink flower and spike headband is from CreepyYeha and my stockings are from SockDreams. My shoes were gifted and my petticoat was from my first maid dress, which my sister wore.
Here is my review. There is also a link to where you can buy it if you're interested!

My husband also dressed up with us as a butler! Ahhh, he's so adorable! ♡
He bought two new bow ties and they look so cute on him ♡
By the way, he's the one that takes my full outfit pictures! Teehee :3

Okay, so let's get to my favorite cosplays! Excuse the horrid, horrid, horrid photoshopping. Some of the backgrounds were too messy to concentrate on the costumes themselves.

I didn't take that many since I was mostly hanging out with friends or looking around for goodies to buy but all these costumes were great! I'm impressed with the work they've done on them, and I have to point out that the SpiderMan was incredible. There are so many pictures of him circulating because everyone was so impressed by how legit he looked as SpiderMan. And I got to talk a bit with the Mabel from Gravity Falls and she let me play her ukulele. I don't normally engage in conversation with strangers so that was a good memory for me :]

In the picture to the left of the last two pictures is a friend from Tumblr that I got to meet at Megacon! She worked for months on that costume and it looks amazing in person. She had several pictures taken of her!

 And the tag for Megacon on Instagram and Tumblr are still going with new pictures every day. There were very many amazing costumes that I saw that weekend and missed even more that I wish I saw in person!

On Sunday we were matching again. Originally we were going to do some demon-like makeup but we were exhausted and decided to skip out on it. Half way through the day I took my shoes off because they just hurt from being on really high heels all three days from morning to night Dx' I was walking around ALL over the place too.

On Monday when we were leaving Orlando, I was barefoot most of the day. That morning was incredible for me. It was so refreshing and beautiful. It wasn't too hot or too cold and the wind wasn't too harsh. It was just perfect. It was a really good hair day for me too :D

I thought my husband was just taking pictures for me but he took a video too!

And I decided I would just eat everything, and I was successful. Hahaha! We got to try a place called The Pub in Orlando. The restaurant is beautiful, the staff is friendly, and the food is soooo gooooood. I can't wait to go back!

And lastly, all the goodies that came home with me!

This was my favorite buy. I named him Paste. Short for Pastel and because the fabric reminds me of the glue bookmarks I used to make on those plastic pencil boxes with marker.

I also got cat paws that I was eyeing all weekend long. I didn't get them until the last day right before we left the convention. I couldn't help myself x] As well as grabbing the cat hat! Another friend I met at Megacon was wearing it on the last day and seeing her with it convinced me to get one AND it was the last one they had. It was clearly meant to be xD The other hat was bought earlier. I'm excited to coordinate new outfits with them!

Then below, a long time friend that I finally got to see in person got a matching Misteez bear plush with me :] So that's quite an important piece that I'm glad to have. She's so funny and even more amazing than I thought ♡

I grabbed a bag of Konpeito candy too because it reminded me of Spirited Away with the soot balls and I wanted to know what the hubbub was about.

Personally, they're prettier to look at.
I may jar them and make a soot ball to sit in there if my husband doesn't eat them all x]

I also got a Magi cup! It's one of my favorite animes that I'm keeping up with right now. There's a character named Morgiana that I want to cosplay as and have chosen the perfect lens for her character. I may do a tutorial for her makeup too :D

This Question Block is actually my husband's buy but it's just too awesome to not show off x]


It was a good and much needed weekend to just have some fun and see good friends. I really need to spend less time in the Dealer's room though because I feel so spoiled bringing so many things back with me xD Next time maybe I'll concentrate on costumes more, and hopefully I get to meet more people! A few individuals messaged me saying they wished they saw me or that they did but didn't realize it was me until I was gone. Next time! I don't know when that will be, but I'll make an actual announcement in case anyone really wants to meet up!

If you went to Megacon and have pictures or posts, send me links so I can check them out!


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