Super cute headband for Spring and Summer!

Spring is just arriving for some, but for me, Summer is right around the corner down in Florida. Personally, I like to wear as little as possible when it's steamy out, but I also like to accessorize. Luckily, I'll be able to wear this cute headband from Bandeaux Fleuris!

The weight is light and the headband doesn't feel tight, and it will help keep my hair out of my face! The look is very suiting for spring, but imagine wearing this with an off white crochet top, a matching pink bandeau underneath, and lace high-waist shorts for summer. You'll still feel the breeze white looking incredibly cute!

This is the first outfit that I've worn with the headband. It made me feel like a bunny!

Top - Cotton On | Blazer - Forever21 | Belt - Forever 21 | Skirt - Steps | Socks - It's been so long, I can't remember! | Shoes - gifted

Isn't it so pretty? I got quite a few compliments on it!
Here are a few of my favorites that they are currently selling.

Bandeaux Fleuris has a wider range of headbands than this too. They get creative and aren't afraid to accessorize big! If you love bold floral headbands, take some time to look at their selection!


Missha Products Review - BBCream, Vibrating Mascara, Eyebrow Mascara

!! Picture Heavy !!

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~ This review is based completely on my own opinions and experiences. ~

Firstly, thank you, GlossyBox and Missha, for sponsoring these items!
I'm not unfamiliar to either company as I've been with GlossyBox for a year now and have used the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream for over a year! Thus far, I am still not disappointed and highly recommend checking both of them out!

These photos have very minimal editing. I only adjusted the lighting and the colors to get it as close to how it looks in person. The color may vary from monitor to monitor though.
However, you get to see my pores, pimples, and scars! Just so you can really see how these products work!


Blemish Balm, also called BB Cream, is known to have been formulated as an after-treatment cream to help patients who have gone through laser skin surgery to soothe and regenerate the skin.

The M Perfect Cover BB Cream gives an even and natural-looking coverage with the soothing, moisturising properties of a cream. It is suitable for all skin types including acne-prone skin, and can be used as a makeup base or foundation. 

Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle + UV Protection (SPF 42 PA+++)

The texture is creamy and full. It's not liquidy, nor does it streak.
It applies pretty evenly so long as you blend.

Below is an example of the coverage on my hands. I used my veins as an example, and even though they are still visible, you can see that it has lessened the appearance. You can also see it has a very nice finish.

It does have a scent and I would describe it as a mature, powdery scent. Not sure how else to put it. It personally doesn't bother me and I've been using it for so long, I don't really think about it much. If you're sensitive to smells, I'd suggest trying a sample if you can get your hands on some!

Awhile ago, GlossyBox sent me this product in one of their monthly boxes but it was the #31 Golden Beige which is too dark and red on my skin. I decided to add it in for comparison, and mixed the two colors together on the right. 

Okay! Here is my face with only lipstick on and no editing of my flaws!
I had a wonderful pimple on my chin that I had been messing with too much, hahaha!

For some information on my skin, I've got combination oily/dry skin. Oily forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks. Dry on the bottom of my cheeks. In this picture, my face is washed and moisturized, no makeup primers.

This is the amount I use to cover my entire face, and that's not much!

Normally, I smooth it over my finger tips and just blend it into my skin. For the sake of taking pictures, I dotted it on my face. Although the shade is a tad bit lighter than my own skin, the shades they have available are flexible. The #31 mades me a bit darker so I use a powder on top to really get it to match my skin, but #27 as it is, I'm just fine with it.

Ta-dah! It blends in nicely and it feels great.
If you decide to use more, it will give you a dewy look and more coverage, but it will feel heavy.
To fully take it off, use makeup remover.

I prefer to use a little amount, just enough to cover, but I normally put on makeup primer and set it in with powder so that my makeup stays on longer. Without it, this product wears off in time because of my oily skin, but I decided to skip those steps for this review as those will affect the look.

For dry skin, it does look more flakey, but the product itself doesn't feel drying nor does it feel like it's making me oilier. I use this throughout the year, but it does feel a bit heavy during really hot days, even when used lightly. Though, that could be a personal thing since I'm awful with hot weather.

I can't say whether the whitening or anti-wrinkle works since my skin hasn't reached a point where it would be wrinkling and I live in a place where there's a lot of sun, so it could be working against it, hahaha.

But I am quite loyal to this BB Cream, even though I've only tried two different ones, including this one. I'm concerned I won't find the same quality or the same shade since most asian BB creams cater towards lighter skin.

The things I enjoy about this product is how comfortable it is to wear, the natural coverage, the different shades available, and the SPF. Many people can vouch that this BB cream is awesome.


Mascara type eyebrow brush for coloring + smooth setting

- No.1 Cacao Brown: dark warm brown color for dark hair
- No.2 Cappuccino Brown: light milky brown color for light hair

Multi-Block Fitting Polymer creates a strong shield on eyebrows to work against sebum and sweat, keeping them in place all day long.
Treatment Ingredients (Black Bean Extract, Ceramide) provide nutrients for healthy eyebrows. 

Dual Side Brush : Side A(short) for Coloring + Side B(long) for Setting 
Different size in length on sides of brush for different purposes
Use one or both sides for eyebrow makeup.

I've been wanting to try eyebrow mascara to balance out my hair color since I prefer not to bleach my eyebrows. Do NOT try it if you're not experienced. The best thing to do is try eyebrow mascara!

However, I don't really have much eyebrow to work with, hahaha!

So I give them shape and fill them up, yay! But you can see a distinct difference with the black color of my eyebrows and the brown color I prefer to use to fill in the shape.

Truthfully, when I was putting it on I was pretty skeptical, thinking it wouldn't make much of a difference. I'm happy to say that it actually matches fairly well to the eyebrow pencil and powder that I use. I do need more practice applying it because it's kind of uneven. On my dark hair, it needs two coats.

As the instructions said, I used the short part of the brush to color and the long part of the brush to set my eyebrows in place. There's not much eyebrow hair to work with, but the color of the eyebrow mascara really helped the drawn parts of my eyebrows look more real and full.

You can touch it and it won't come off, but you may have a some residue on your skin depending on how much you've touched it. It doesn't feel drying or itchy on my skin. It does dry stiff, but it's easy to remove. It's faster to use makeup remover, but washing it off is also an option. 


The Vibrating Mascara gives curl and volume from root to tip of eyelashes.
It is easy to use even for beginners.

This is the first vibrating mascara I've used. The thought of vibrating mascara has been quite silly to me, but I figured it was doing something right for it to be a real thing, and it does makes a huge difference.

There are two vibration settings, X1 (low) and X2 (high). It comes with it's own battery and there is a little plastic tab that you have to pull out for it to work.

My eyelashes aren't very long or full so I'm unfamiliar with mascara. I tend to use false eyelashes so excuse my application if it's not exactly pretty. I was following the directions but by step two my eyelashes were already getting spidery looking so I stopped there.

However, you can see that it's a mascara that definitely leaves an impression. It managed to make my eyelashes thicker and longer. Imagine that on eyelashes that are already full!

Not much eyelashes, but they are visible!
I felt the vibrations when I was applying it to my bottom lashes.
If you're sensitive to things touching around your eye, this may affect you.

After several hours of wear, it hasn't become flakey nor has it smudged against my skin. The curl has gone down a bit, but I'm also not very good at curling my lashes. I have a cheapie eyelash curler so that may be a factor.

When removing, I decided to take the mascara off one eye with makeup remover and the other by washing my face. Both work, but with makeup remover, I got rid of everything. No left over mascara.


For comparison, I put together a picture of me with no makeup and a picture of me with the BB cream, mascara, and eyebrow mascara. The only other things I did with my makeup was fill in my eyebrows, add a little eyeliner, and I had lipstick on from the beginning.

My skin looks clearer, brighter, and more even and my eyes and eyebrows look more defined.

Since I'm already a fan of the BB cream, it wasn't a surprise that I would have liked the other two products. I've purchased lip liner from Missha in the past and they were my favorite lip liners. And I've used a face mask from them and it was the BEST face mask I had ever used. I look forward to the next product I'll use from them!


Smashbox Megatint Long Wear Lip Color - Nude

A new Sephora opened awhile ago closer to my house, whereas the other Sephora is nearly in another city. I was excited but also sad because it's even a bigger tease now since I really enjoy makeup and collecting it can get rather pricey. However, this lipstick, even though it costs $20, has been the most worthwhile lipstick purchase!

I've had this for over 2 months now which has given me plenty of time to use it and say that I can guarantee it is a long wear lipstick. Unless you're being rather rough with your lips, this will stay on and stay vibrant once you let it set in. I can consume food and drinks without it moving much. It's also kissable so you won't leave marks on your significant other, haha!

In the picture above, the color looks pretty natural. Although it may seem the lipstick matches it's color name, "Nude", as if not wearing any lipstick, it's quite saturated in person. When my sister tried it on, it was a very bright pink and on me it's a little more toned down, but still very pink. So the tone might vary from person to person depending on the natural color of your lips and your skin tone.

 I'm sure there are some people who have very bright lips naturally but I really wouldn't pass this color as a natural or nude color compared to other lipstick colors. If you have pale skin or darker skin than mine, this color may be very vibrant against your skin as it is an opaque lipstick. I don't need to apply too much for full coverage.

The texture is very smooth and glides on with this cooling feeling. Not like mint, but like cool water. It's hard to describe and it's best to just experience it yourself.  The finish is matte but when applying it may seem a wee bit glossy.

This lipstick gives good coverage and if you have two tone lips like I do, you can just add a couple more layers and it should be fairly even.

You can remove this lipstick with makeup remover and it won't stain your lips. I don't know if it stains clothes though since I've been good about not getting it anywhere, haha.

In the description on the box, they use the word hydrating but it doesn't quite moisturize. Maybe while you are apply it, but I would still recommend putting chap stick on once it has settled. My favorite to use on top is Baby Lips.

The lipstick tube itself is 3 1/2" long and the actual lipstick is only 1 1/4". It's definitely not that much. Depending on how big or small your lips are and how often you use it may be a factor when deciding if this is a lipstick for you as well. I have read some reviews where people were very disappointed with this lipstick from all the other hyped reviews and from personal experiences.

So for $20 it might not seem worth it but I'm sure the price has to do with being a brand name and for other reasons. For me it's worth it and here is why:

1. It's my favorite color out of all the pink lipsticks I have owned and tried. It suits my skin tone so well and it's bright but not overpowering.
2. It's long wearing so I can eat and drink and talk for a good chunk of the day. That also means I don't have to use as much of the product, which is probably one of the reasons why there's not much in the tube.
3. It doesn't have a heavy feeling, even when applying. It actually doesn't feel like I'm wearing lipstick once it settles.
4. It doesn't dry up my lips, which is a common occurrence for me. Mostly from losing my chap stick or laziness, hahah.
5. It doesn't look horrible over chapped lips. Which I've tried with some other lipsticks and it just makes it look worse. I know I shouldn't do that, but sometimes I just don't want to put in effort.
6. It applies smoothly and feels great. No sticky feeling or that slidey feeling when it feels like the lipstick will just come right off.
7. It's not difficult to apply. Some lipsticks may have a thicker diameter which can cause application to be a bit messy or to go over the lip line, but this one is tiny and allows better control over creating a shape. It's probably good for those with thinner lips.

As for cons, it really is just the price and the amount in the tube. If I could, I would use it every day, but to make it last longer, since I'm the kind of person who frets over money and practicality, I use it maybe a couple times to few times out of the week. When I had it for about six weeks, I noticed 1/4" of it was gone. If I continue using it this way, I'll have it for about 24 more weeks. I'd say that's a good purchase for $20 and for all the reasons why I love it.


FoxTale Designs - Pastel Rainbow Ombre High Waisted Bodycon Skirt

FoxTale Designs are doing pre-orders on their new pastel rainbow skirt!
Another original design following up their Pastel Eyebow LeggingsClick here to see those!

Please, visit their sites ♥

Anyone who is in love with pastels, colorful clothes, or rainbows ought to have this in their collection! As simple as it may seem, in person, it's a stunning and versatile piece.

The beautiful color choice can compliment a huge spectrum of colors in anyone's wardrobe. Whether you choose to mostly wear black, neutral colors, or bright colors. It's impressionable enough to be worn as a centerpiece, but soft enough to be incorporated with other fabric patterns, such as polka dots and stripes, as well as graphic tops. Get creative ;3

As a high waisted bodycon skirt, the simplicity of the cut makes it compatible with different tops. Wear it with a fitting or loose, long or short top. It would look great with thigh highs, stockings, or just show off those legs ♡

Unfolded, this is how the skirt looks. This specific garment was tailored to my fit and I suggest requesting a customized fit for yourself. It feels amazing having something that's just for my own measurements. Nothing feels too loose or too tight anywhere. It just feels like a great hug around my hips!

However, if you decide to order a standard size, the stretch of the fabric and the durability of the stitches would form well to your figure. When I got the eyebow leggings, they were their standard for a size S and they fit me quite well! Of course, this is if you don't have dramatic measurements. If you do, I highly suggest a custom fit, especially for designed fabrics. That way, the design stays true and the garment would likely be more comfortable.

I decided to wear something simple with it to show off the skirt better in this post.
In the future you'll see me wear it with other things when I post more outfits.
Either here or on my Instagram, which is featured to the right of my blog.

Surprisingly, this garment was heavier than I expected it to be. It has two layers. The top layer, which is the pastel rainbow ombre, and then the white underneath. They're sewn together wonderfully. No extra fabric or fabric that was sewn too short. The stitching is done professionally, as it's completely sewn with no holes or possible tearing in the future. It's sturdy. And there's nothing that feels itchy or uncomfortable when wearing too. It also doesn't move around or ride up easy, unless I'm being rather active.

Altogether, I'm pretty amazed with how much thought was put into the construction of this skirt. I've tried a few different bodycon skirts before and none of them ever felt like this. They were all between $10-$20USD, and they just couldn't compare. Not with fit, cut, fabric, or style.

(Before anyone asks, I'm not pregnant. That's just the way my stomach is :b)

Okay, this is a little TMI, but I'm just trying to make an honest review! Even though the fabric is kind of thick, it was difficult finding underwear that didn't show through, hahahaha! Sooo, am I wearing underwear, am I not? Let's not linger on that and just look at the pretty colors, LOL.

Which leads me to pointing out that the colors are consistent even when all the pieces are sewn together. Just a reminder, this is a handmade garment, not factory made. One seamstress. She deserves an applaud for her awesome work.

Lastly, I'm happy that I'll be able to wear this piece throughout summer and even wear it during winter.  I like clothing and items that I can really use up to it's fullest potential. Because the fabric is thicker and it fits so well, I can layer it for the colder days. For the hotter days, it is too thick for my liking, as I heat up easily (and live further south of Florida), but I can wear a crop top with it which will be more cooling. The fabric doesn't feel awful when sweating either.

And that concludes my review for this skirt! Beautiful colors, comfortable fabric, wonderful fit, versatile piece, and professional construction. A+ for sure.

And with the skirt, they sent a couple of their new accessories.

I got the Lavender and the Green eyes. They have 9 colors in total to choose from if you want to buy the pins or the ring. They also have two chain color choices, black or gunmetal.

I thought they looked really great with my Kimchi Bambi Pink circle lens :]


Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my review!
If you ever purchase from FoxTale Designs, let me know!


Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro Gray/Green/Blue Lens Review!

This lens review is sponsored by LoveShoppingholics!
~ This review is based on my own opinion and experiences. ~

Please take a look at my Circle Lens Care page if you are interested in circle lenses!

The Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro series is a natural looking lens that come in a Gray, Green, Blue, Brown, and Violet color. Each lens has two specific colors that compliment each other that blends nicely with the eye color. This series would look good on dark eye colors and light eye colors. It makes a slight color change, but sometimes subtle gives just the right amount of change wanted.

Personal Review
This isn't a favorite when it comes to gray lenses. I love the pattern because I like lenses that blend well into the eye color, making it more believable. However, I really like my gray lenses to be bright.


Personal Review
These are currently one my favorite lenses to wear. Even though they're not super noticeable unless you really look at them, wearing them makes me happy just because I love the colors so much.


Personal Review
I feel as if these are a dull version of the green lens in this series because it has a green and blue color combo. It's not as vivid and isn't very true to it's name. It looks like a dark hazel on my eyes.


Thanks for taking a look at my review!
Excuse the messed up eyeliner, I was being lazy, hahaha.