AYA Cosmetics Bare Basics Lipstick Collection Review

AYA Cosmetics sent me their Bare Basics Lipstick Collection with an extra set for a giveaway!
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These lovely vegan lipsticks are creamy, naturally scented, lead-free and cruelty-free. They're also packaged with all-recyclable materials, meaning that the range is both friendly for you and for the environment. The color range is beautiful and can be suited for all seasons!

The lip photos above are the sample images of the lipstick that they use on their site. The model they used has light skin and I have tan skin so the lipstick may appear a different shade on me. Take account for skin tone and natural lip color as it may vary from person to person.

I did swatches on my hand and each lipstick feels creamy and moisturizing. They glide on nicely and it was easy to remove. It's a lipstick you can build up as well to get full coverage and color. Each lipstick has a pleasant, natural scent and you can check the ingredients for each lipstick.

On my lips it doesn't dry out which is great for me because my lips chap easy. However, since it's not a long lasting lipstick, I do need to reapply it as it eventually becomes uneven throughout the wear. Just a couple applications will do.

For comparison, here is a photo of my bare lips.

If you look at their website model for this lipstick, the color is a bit darker and more saturated in color versus the model's skin tone. On me, [Naturally Nude] is a perfect match for my skin. As you can see, it has good coverage. You can barely see any of the dark pigment of my natural lip color.

[In The Buff] is a beautiful, natural color. In the picture it doesn't even look like I'm wearing lipstick! It looks like I'm just wearing chapstick or a very light gloss. You can see the light shine from the lipstick. I like this lipstick because it balances the two tone colors of my lips.

I prefer applying this with just a couple layers. When I build it up for full coverage, the color is too light for my skin tone. So the color of the lipstick can still vary in shade, depending on your own natural lip color and how thick you want the coverage to be.

On their site, the description for this [Particular Pink] is "Pastel pink with a hint of orchid." It's very true to color and is distinct and bright! This pink leans towards purple more than red, making it a cool tone pink. Against my warm pink hair color, this lipstick looks a bit purple.

[Just Peachy] is my favorite out of all the colors in this collection. Their description for this is, "A vibrant peach colour with a coral pink tone." This is also true to color when you use it for full coverage. Personally, I prefer to apply a couple light layers. On my lips, it's a mix between a natural lip color and a pink coral color, and I love it. It's vibrant enough to balance my hair color and natural enough to look like I'm not wearing too much lipstick.

All in all, I'm impressed with this product for the fact that it's so natural, from the lipstick to the lipstick tube. It's got great coverage and a variety of shades that can be built up and mixed together. I think it could be something for long term use unless one of them happens to become a favorite that you just have to wear every day!

Just one thing, keep the tubes away from water! Since it's a recyclable material, it's paper-like and soaks up water. You can see below that it bloated up and is slightly leaning. But the lipstick isn't ruined and the tube is still workable.

I hope this review was helpful and that you enjoy your AYA Cosmetics!
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