FoxTale Designs - Pastel Rainbow Ombre High Waisted Bodycon Skirt

FoxTale Designs are doing pre-orders on their new pastel rainbow skirt!
Another original design following up their Pastel Eyebow LeggingsClick here to see those!

Please, visit their sites ♥

Anyone who is in love with pastels, colorful clothes, or rainbows ought to have this in their collection! As simple as it may seem, in person, it's a stunning and versatile piece.

The beautiful color choice can compliment a huge spectrum of colors in anyone's wardrobe. Whether you choose to mostly wear black, neutral colors, or bright colors. It's impressionable enough to be worn as a centerpiece, but soft enough to be incorporated with other fabric patterns, such as polka dots and stripes, as well as graphic tops. Get creative ;3

As a high waisted bodycon skirt, the simplicity of the cut makes it compatible with different tops. Wear it with a fitting or loose, long or short top. It would look great with thigh highs, stockings, or just show off those legs ♡

Unfolded, this is how the skirt looks. This specific garment was tailored to my fit and I suggest requesting a customized fit for yourself. It feels amazing having something that's just for my own measurements. Nothing feels too loose or too tight anywhere. It just feels like a great hug around my hips!

However, if you decide to order a standard size, the stretch of the fabric and the durability of the stitches would form well to your figure. When I got the eyebow leggings, they were their standard for a size S and they fit me quite well! Of course, this is if you don't have dramatic measurements. If you do, I highly suggest a custom fit, especially for designed fabrics. That way, the design stays true and the garment would likely be more comfortable.

I decided to wear something simple with it to show off the skirt better in this post.
In the future you'll see me wear it with other things when I post more outfits.
Either here or on my Instagram, which is featured to the right of my blog.

Surprisingly, this garment was heavier than I expected it to be. It has two layers. The top layer, which is the pastel rainbow ombre, and then the white underneath. They're sewn together wonderfully. No extra fabric or fabric that was sewn too short. The stitching is done professionally, as it's completely sewn with no holes or possible tearing in the future. It's sturdy. And there's nothing that feels itchy or uncomfortable when wearing too. It also doesn't move around or ride up easy, unless I'm being rather active.

Altogether, I'm pretty amazed with how much thought was put into the construction of this skirt. I've tried a few different bodycon skirts before and none of them ever felt like this. They were all between $10-$20USD, and they just couldn't compare. Not with fit, cut, fabric, or style.

(Before anyone asks, I'm not pregnant. That's just the way my stomach is :b)

Okay, this is a little TMI, but I'm just trying to make an honest review! Even though the fabric is kind of thick, it was difficult finding underwear that didn't show through, hahahaha! Sooo, am I wearing underwear, am I not? Let's not linger on that and just look at the pretty colors, LOL.

Which leads me to pointing out that the colors are consistent even when all the pieces are sewn together. Just a reminder, this is a handmade garment, not factory made. One seamstress. She deserves an applaud for her awesome work.

Lastly, I'm happy that I'll be able to wear this piece throughout summer and even wear it during winter.  I like clothing and items that I can really use up to it's fullest potential. Because the fabric is thicker and it fits so well, I can layer it for the colder days. For the hotter days, it is too thick for my liking, as I heat up easily (and live further south of Florida), but I can wear a crop top with it which will be more cooling. The fabric doesn't feel awful when sweating either.

And that concludes my review for this skirt! Beautiful colors, comfortable fabric, wonderful fit, versatile piece, and professional construction. A+ for sure.

And with the skirt, they sent a couple of their new accessories.

I got the Lavender and the Green eyes. They have 9 colors in total to choose from if you want to buy the pins or the ring. They also have two chain color choices, black or gunmetal.

I thought they looked really great with my Kimchi Bambi Pink circle lens :]


Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my review!
If you ever purchase from FoxTale Designs, let me know!


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