SHOJO MONSTA Bittersweet Orchid Wig Review!

As well as collaborate with a giveaway, Shojo Monsta allowed me to choose a wig for a review! They have other wig selections, such as the ones in the giveaway, and a few more that were specifically  designed and chosen by the Shojo Monsta shop! I chose the Bittersweet Orchid Wig which is described as a long, soft, and curly wig with pinkish lilac blended fibers.


~ This review is based completely on my own opinions and experiences. ~

The first reason why I was interested in this wig was because of the style. I like long, curly hair with bangs. The bangs are cut straight and may be a bit long for some people, and will need trimming. It was a good length for me though. It's length is 22" straight, but since it's curled, it will appear shorter when worn. It's only curled on the bottom, starting about midway, with big curls. The shape has held really well and even bounces back into curls as I move more, even if I separate them. It really needs to be styled in order to stay a certain way.

It's all one length aside the bangs which make the look of the wig bottom heavy due to the curls. It's very full, but the hair lays really flat on my head which isn't flattering for my big facial features. If you're like me, you'll need to style the wig for balance. However, the pictures for this review isn't styled up. All the pictures are how it looks out of the bag, running my fingers through them, or brushed.

Now the color of the wig, as you can see, is absolutely beautiful. The fibers have a mix of pink hair and lilac hair. The two colors compliment each other well. The pink hairs in this Shojo Monsta wig give it a warmer feel, versus other lilac wigs that are purely purple and may be too much of a cool tone or too grey for some skin tones to pull off.

Because it has two different colors and because it's curly, it was difficult to get a pure representation of the colors. That and depending on everyone's monitor setting, the color may appear different in person. 

However, I can say that the color is lively and very suitable for winter, spring, and summer seasons. It may get hot wearing it during summer though!

As for the texture, it's a very soft wig. It gets a little ratty at the bottom because of the curls, especially if you move it around a lot (just as real hair does), but you can gently brush them out. It nearly passes as believable. Some people questioned if I went from pink hair to lilac hair! The only reason why it's not passable as real is because of the very top of the wig. It's not a skin top wig and the hair tends to fall perfectly in place. Which many of us know, doesn't happen with our real hair, haha! If only x]

The fibers of this wig is also able to be styled with heated appliances at 120*F/48*C or the lowest setting on styling tools. Be very careful and patient if you try this. This isn't a human hair wig. It's all plastic and it will melt under high heat. With that said, it's still amazing to be able to style a plastic fiber wig with heated appliances!

When wearing, you won't see through the wig like this unless you split the hair apart on purpose. The hair is distributed well and falls in place nicely. It has enough hair to look like a full head of hair too. It's not so thick that it feels really heavy either. If you want it thicker, you'll have to style it to appear thicker or add more to the wig.

This is how it looked when I received the package. It comes in a ziplock bag, which I suggest you keep to store your wig. It's also in a light net to keep the hair together. I was also sent wig caps!

There's some stuffing in the head of the wig. And in the last picture, you can see that the curls all go in one way. Since I didn't style the wig, the more I moved around, the more it would naturally go back into this curl when the hair would gather together.

Below is an example of how it looks when cleaned up!

The fit of the wig can be adjusted with the hooks and straps at the nape. The lace that holds the wig together is soft, comfortable, and breathable. I wore it for 7 or so hours and had no problem with it. Make sure when adjusting the fit, that it's not too tight that you give yourself a headache!

The first picture is in some bright, natural lighting from a window.
The second picture is inside with ceiling lights.

In general, I'm very happy with this wig! It costs $48USD, which is something I normally I wouldn't go for, but for wig enthusiasts and for those who want long lasting, beautiful, quality, and manageable wigs, this is definitely a good one to buy. And you would be supporting a small business!

I really enjoy that this wig is unique in it's own way too. There are many wigs that look similar to this one, but I'm truly impressed that the two tone fiber blend of this wig makes such a huge difference. It definitely makes it appear more like real hair because of that and it's friendlier for different skin tones.

Ahhh, wigs are so lovely! They're great to wear when your hair is just not doing it for you and are so easy to put on and just go. And the length of this wig is great for daily activities as it's not too long to get in the way.

All in all, I'm happy it's a part of my little wig collection! Many people wanted me to dye my hair similar to this color since I haven't before. I was concerned the color wouldn't look good on me, but I chose this wig anyways because of the pink hairs. Just as I guessed, the warm pink color really helped compliment my skin tone!

After this review, I'm super excited that I'm doing a giveaway with them because two lucky people will be able to own one of their awesome wigs! As well as some cute accessories that Shojo Monsta also makes!

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