Smashbox Megatint Long Wear Lip Color - Nude

A new Sephora opened awhile ago closer to my house, whereas the other Sephora is nearly in another city. I was excited but also sad because it's even a bigger tease now since I really enjoy makeup and collecting it can get rather pricey. However, this lipstick, even though it costs $20, has been the most worthwhile lipstick purchase!

I've had this for over 2 months now which has given me plenty of time to use it and say that I can guarantee it is a long wear lipstick. Unless you're being rather rough with your lips, this will stay on and stay vibrant once you let it set in. I can consume food and drinks without it moving much. It's also kissable so you won't leave marks on your significant other, haha!

In the picture above, the color looks pretty natural. Although it may seem the lipstick matches it's color name, "Nude", as if not wearing any lipstick, it's quite saturated in person. When my sister tried it on, it was a very bright pink and on me it's a little more toned down, but still very pink. So the tone might vary from person to person depending on the natural color of your lips and your skin tone.

 I'm sure there are some people who have very bright lips naturally but I really wouldn't pass this color as a natural or nude color compared to other lipstick colors. If you have pale skin or darker skin than mine, this color may be very vibrant against your skin as it is an opaque lipstick. I don't need to apply too much for full coverage.

The texture is very smooth and glides on with this cooling feeling. Not like mint, but like cool water. It's hard to describe and it's best to just experience it yourself.  The finish is matte but when applying it may seem a wee bit glossy.

This lipstick gives good coverage and if you have two tone lips like I do, you can just add a couple more layers and it should be fairly even.

You can remove this lipstick with makeup remover and it won't stain your lips. I don't know if it stains clothes though since I've been good about not getting it anywhere, haha.

In the description on the box, they use the word hydrating but it doesn't quite moisturize. Maybe while you are apply it, but I would still recommend putting chap stick on once it has settled. My favorite to use on top is Baby Lips.

The lipstick tube itself is 3 1/2" long and the actual lipstick is only 1 1/4". It's definitely not that much. Depending on how big or small your lips are and how often you use it may be a factor when deciding if this is a lipstick for you as well. I have read some reviews where people were very disappointed with this lipstick from all the other hyped reviews and from personal experiences.

So for $20 it might not seem worth it but I'm sure the price has to do with being a brand name and for other reasons. For me it's worth it and here is why:

1. It's my favorite color out of all the pink lipsticks I have owned and tried. It suits my skin tone so well and it's bright but not overpowering.
2. It's long wearing so I can eat and drink and talk for a good chunk of the day. That also means I don't have to use as much of the product, which is probably one of the reasons why there's not much in the tube.
3. It doesn't have a heavy feeling, even when applying. It actually doesn't feel like I'm wearing lipstick once it settles.
4. It doesn't dry up my lips, which is a common occurrence for me. Mostly from losing my chap stick or laziness, hahah.
5. It doesn't look horrible over chapped lips. Which I've tried with some other lipsticks and it just makes it look worse. I know I shouldn't do that, but sometimes I just don't want to put in effort.
6. It applies smoothly and feels great. No sticky feeling or that slidey feeling when it feels like the lipstick will just come right off.
7. It's not difficult to apply. Some lipsticks may have a thicker diameter which can cause application to be a bit messy or to go over the lip line, but this one is tiny and allows better control over creating a shape. It's probably good for those with thinner lips.

As for cons, it really is just the price and the amount in the tube. If I could, I would use it every day, but to make it last longer, since I'm the kind of person who frets over money and practicality, I use it maybe a couple times to few times out of the week. When I had it for about six weeks, I noticed 1/4" of it was gone. If I continue using it this way, I'll have it for about 24 more weeks. I'd say that's a good purchase for $20 and for all the reasons why I love it.


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