May 2013 GlossyBox Review

Here's another box from GlossyBox!

If you're unaware of what GlossyBox is, it's a company that sends out beauty boxes filled with 5 travel sized products that range from makeup, hair, skin, and nails. Occasionally they'll send out full sized items, throw in crazy amazing discount codes for GlossyBox subscribers, and even a 6th item as a gift for special occasions! They send out one box per month and you can subscribe for one month, three months, six months, or a full year. They're located in several areas of the world, so check them out to see if they can send one to you!

This month's box was for Mother's Day!

Essie Nail Polish "Geranium"

This is my first time trying out Essie. The polish is so smooth and shiny. It goes on so nicely! This color  suits it's name. It'a bright red that hints towards orange. I've been wearing it without a top coat and it's super shiny by itself.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara

Yet another sample! Many people must like with this one for them to continue sending this product :]
The first time I tried it I wasn't impressed. The name was loud, but the mascara itself didn't do much. However, I decided to give it another go and NOW I can see why it's a favorite! I must of had a dried sample bottle or one with very little in it when I was sent this one the first time.
The look is feathery and it adds length and thickness. It's looks pretty natural!

Modelco Cheek + Lip Tint Rosy Red

I was excited for this product but it doesn't quite match up my expectations. If you look at the picture above, it stained my fingers and it looked more like a bruise on my hand than a light blush. I tried it on my cheek and it made my skin look blotchy :[ I also tried it on my lips and it only tinted certain parts. I prefer it on my lips than my cheeks but I was pretty disappointed with this one. It's a beautiful color though.

Biolage Exquisite Oil Replenishing Treatment

The instructions on the back say you can add a few drops with your shampoo and conditioner and use it while styling or over night. So it seems you can put it on whenever you want, hahaha! The texture is light. It's not a heavy oil even for a few drops, but just as any oil product for hair, use a small amount.

I've used it after washing my hair and when it's dry. I haven't seen/felt much of a difference but I will continue using it and hope for the best!

ColorProof Evolved Color Care
CrazySmooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner

I don't wash my hair often so I've only used this once and the one time I've used it I can tell that this is a good product. The shampoo didn't dry out my hair nor make it feel like it was stringy. If anything at all, it kind of made my hair feel a little thicker and stronger. Then the conditioner was very easy to smooth into my hair. I effectively used the same amount of shampoo and conditioner, where as normally I use tons of conditioner! The shampoo has a sweeter smell while the conditioner has more of a powdery smell. Both are somewhat strong for a shampoo and conditioner. I'm not sure if it actually helps with frizz as my hair doesn't frizz. The only time it has is when I sleep on my hair wet and the ends get crazy since my hair is bleached and the ends tend to be the worst with damage.
As for color care, my hair was already pretty faded but it didn't seem to strip out more.

By Terry Creme de Rose

I love the look of the packaging. It's so simple, pretty, and pink!
I've tried this a few times and it feels good on my skin. It's a bit thicker than normal moisturizer since it's a cream. It claims to help firm and smooth skin, as well as keep it comfortable and hydrated. I can agree to those aspects, but the scent was far too strong for my liking to continue using. If you don't mind strong scents, this was a nice product to use. It didn't irritate my skin nor make it oilier. It was balanced well.


So that concludes my review for May's GlossyBox! I wasn't ecstatic about this box but I still enjoy trying out new things :3 It helps me get to know my body better and how it reacts to certain products and helps me fine tune my preferences. The person you ought to get to know best in your life is yourself! Don't be intimidated to try new things. Even if it doesn't work out in the end, you still gain new knowledge and experience!

Anyways, hopefully I'll be more excited with the next box! Sometimes items tend to be hit or miss, but I've been with GlossyBox for a year now and the majority of their boxes have been pretty spot on with my interests and have even introduced me to new items that I now can't get rid of!


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