Crazy Colorful Flower Dress - Outfit + SheInside Review

What better to match my hair and my love for flowers than this beautiful dress?!

I forgot to take my jacket off to show that it's sleeveless so here's a picture of it and the shorts that I also got from SheInside! Check out my outfit with these shorts here.

The fabric is thin and light. Good for this summer heat that I keep mentioning x] And the colors are very, very bright! The print is beautiful and each dress slightly differs from one another. So if you were to get this dress, the print may be higher or lower. It's the same design, but the placement of the print itself will likely be different.

I got this dress in a size S but it's a little loose on me. As a bodycon dress, I expect it to be hugging my form but it goes straight down from my hips since they're narrow. It's very stretchy too. Lots of space to work with. The dress is also labeled as a short dress but it's quite modest on me at my height of 4'11". I've seen this dress on other girls though and it's actually short on them, hahaha. Partly because they had wider hips, but I could also tell they were taller.

This dress is only $23USD and it's one of their best sellers. I can definitely see why :]

Anyways, here's the rest of my outfit!

Collar: diy
Dress: SheInside
Jacket: gifted
Shoes: GoJane (I think)
Necklace: Icing
Belt: I've had it for a long time so I don't remember anymore!
Cross Bracelet: Mixe Medium
Colorful Bracelet: Local shop
Winged Ear Cuff: Maxnina
Purse: Burlington

I don't do braids often so this was a nice little change and it kept my hair from going all over the place!

A friend bought me some chocolate and it matched my dress!
I'd say if this dress had a flavor it would probably taste something like this, hahaha!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post!
Head over to SheInside and take a look at their awesome selection :3


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