Did you know that I'm a unicorn?

I haven't posted these pictures on here and I figured this would be a good post to put them in, along with an introduction to my new lay out! I felt like my style was changing again and so my blog needed a new look as well. I'm trying to fine tune my blogging and a part of that is making this blog look more appealing. The design is simple but it's cleaner.

I'm also going to attempt using LookBook! That site has intimidated me for far too long and I'm just going to put my foot in, hahaha. I haven't posted anything yet but I'll get some stuff up soon!
Please join me by clicking the icon to the left that says lookbook.nu :]

There are other icons as well. I'm sure you're aware of the majority but I'll list them out anyways. From left to right on the top row, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram. On the bottom row, BlogLovin, LookBook, and YouTube. Then below it I added two links to tags that I commonly use. That's what I post the most here so I figured why not just make it easier to get into!

So that's it for updates regarding my layout. Read more below!

I took some photos for DiDepux with their Unicorn Galaxy Holographic Iridescent Laser Cut Acrylic necklace.

Here I'm wearing the Vassen Rainbow Eyes Light Greenish from LoveShoppingholics. Funny name considering it's purple, isn't it? Hahaha! I did a review on these lenses as well as the Greenish Blue. Take a look here!

The wig I'm wearing is from ShojoMonsta, the Bittersweet Orchid wig. Which I did a review of, check it out here! I added one of my pink extensions to the bottom of it :]

Below is how the wig looks by itself.

This is my favorite wig in my collection thus far!

And now is a good time to remind everyone that the ShojoMonsta giveaway will be ending very soon!
Only a little over two more days left to enter and get those extra entries in.

For more details, head to this Giveaway page.

I'll pick the winner a day after the giveaway closes.
Remember that it's US only! Maybe next time it will be international :]


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