GlossyBox: Work That Beauty

This one's a bit late! I've had this box for a bit now and I apologize! 

This one is the April box, called "Work That Beauty". Each month GlossyBox has a carefully thought out theme or idea for the month's box that incude 5 beauty products that range from hair, skin, nails and makeup. This one concentrates on feel good products after that long winter!

Guest appearance of my cat, Howl!

Alterna HairCare Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist

Instead of trying it out myself, I asked my sister to try it out because she has longer hair than me. My hair is still currently about shoulder blade length and she has it past her waist. What she told me was that if it would probably work well if she had dried her hair properly. Since she has straight hair naturally, it gave her more texture than waves but had she done something to put waves in her hair it would have given the descriptive appearance.

BVLGARI Eau Parfumee au the Blanc Tea Bag for Bath

This is also another item I didn't use myself. This may sound crazy, but I'm not a bath person. Though I ought to try it cause I'm so high strung, haha. That's pretty much why I'm not a bath person. I'm too impatient and I can't relax. But it does smell nice. When I opened the package a bit of powder flew out because inside the teabag-like package it's all powder. It must dissolve in the water.

The Honest Company
Honest Organic Lip Balm

Seems pretty honest, eh? I've been using this ever since I got the box and it's an alright lip balm. I've tried other lip balms that work better. I have to reapply more than I'd like to compared to the ones I normally use. However, I enjoy the ingredients :] It doesn't taste like anything but wax but the more natural the ingredients better, right?

TIGI Cosmetics Glow Blush

I would have been more excited for this product if it was in a shade that I liked for myself. This would look beautiful on skin tones darker than mine. It would give that kissed look with the slight shimmer, but for myself I wouldn't use it. The texture is smooth and it applies in nicely. The swatch above is applied with a brush and then the bottom swatch is applied directly. You only need a little bit for application and the color is very true.

Wash With Joe Coffeemint Invigorating Body Wash

I was excited to try this one out. It smelled nice, just like coffee and mint. When I used it, it left me with a minty feeling. I suppose that's the invigorating part. It was a refreshing feeling and I enjoyed it! The scent didn't stay on me, which I expected it to. That could be a good or bad thing, depending on what you expect. Also, it doesn't lather easy and it's runny. It's not like shower gel where it can hold together. It's very liquidy, as you can see from the inside of the cap. As far as I can recall, it didn't dry up my skin or make me feel grimy.

Le Metier de Beauty Replenishing Daily Solution 

They sent ANOTHER sample of this product! Amazing! It was so popular and well received that they sent another sample AND a special exclusive discount for GlossyBox subscribers!

If you didn't read my last review about it, I was mentioning how I don't like sample packets because it's not enough to gauge an actual review. This is the first packet I've ever loved immediately. It made such a huge difference on my skin and no wonder it costs $225 because it's really works. I feel like one of those lame late night selling shows that try to sell you things that are overpriced but wow, I tell you, you'd love this sample packet.

Unfortunately for me, I just can't justify dropping that kind of money on a product like this. However, for those who can, this was a great treat from GlossyBox. Cutting the prices from $225 to $150! I mean, for me, I could get a whole lot more for $150, but for those people out there that are really concerned about their skin and aging, this is definitely a must try.


All in all, this box wasn't my favorite. It didn't cater too much to me but I also don't have a beauty profile set up with GlossyBox. When subscribing, you can slightly alter what you receive in your box to fit you more properly. Not every month is filled with spot-on products but sometimes there's something I need to replace or buy that month and GlossyBox is there to the rescue! It's random, but generally enjoyable :]

Here is a peek at the next box!


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