Maxstar CN9 3-Belts TC Double Platform Taller Boots White Shoes!

I've been eyeing MaxStar for a long time and I'm now a happy owner of a pair!

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The reason why I've wanted a pair of MaxStar shoes is because I've been looking for a pair of comfortable shoes that still give me height. As well as something to just run around in and not look dressed down. I'm the kind of person that likes to dress up for any occasion, whether it's big or small. It's just fun and it's just one of those things in my life that makes me feel good about myself.

If you're intimidated to dress up, just try it once and see how you feel about it! Even if someone may think or say you're over dressed, you're doing it for yourself and not for them. If you feel good, that's all that matters ♥ Make your life enjoyable in as many areas as you can!

Back to the shoes!

Looking at them, they may appear heavy but they're surprisingly light! I could even run in them, though I don't recommend it if you're not used to being on platforms in general.

These shoes have three velcro straps on them. One close to the toe and two around the ankle. The tongue has a slit in it to put the lace through. If you've ever had a shoe with a tongue that winds up moving to the side throughout the day, the little slit helps keep it in place.

It was rainy the day that I wore these out. It wasn't exactly a brilliant choice since these are white, but I avoided them getting dirty, woohoo! The bottom of the shoe has a pattern that has good friction on dry ground, but are slippery on smooth ground when wet, so be careful!

I walked around in them quite a bit and they were so comfy ♥ I got a US size 6 and they fit wonderfully!

This particular pair from MaxStar is made of synthetic leather material and has a lot of little details on it. Such as the back of the shoe with the little lace up, three velcro straps, a zipper on the side to easily put them on, and the stripes throughout the platform, and the diamond pattern on the front of the shoe.

The total height of the shoe is 20CM. I went ahead and measured the platform which is 6CM, just as it's description says. Inside the shoe there is an insole that is 2CM tall. Secret height boost!

They arrived in a box and was inside a bag labelled MAX★STAR.
I may use it for future travel. Especially since these are white and I don't want to dirty them up.
They have this particular shoe in black and silver as well.


Thank you for visting my blog and taking a look at my review!
I hope you enjoyed it and if you decide to grab a pair for yourself, please use my discount code!


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