Outfit: Black Bow Tie + Blue

My husband reorganized his desk so I wanted to take pictures in front of it, hahaha!

Grumpy Cat Hair Clip - TinyTangerines || Bow Tie - HotTopic || Suspenders - Claire's || Top - Love Culture || Skirt - Wet Seal || Tights - SockDreams || Shoes - AmiClubWear, I think.

Isn't the Grumpy Cat hair clip adorable? xD
TinyTangerines handmakes and hand paints them :]
There's two, but I decided to just wear one.

I also opened a new circle lens!
This one is the Vassen Vanilla Shake Gray.

I got these shoes a few months ago but it slips my mind if it was truly from AmiClubWear. I tend to look at that site, GoJane, and UrbanOG for shoes.

And my new tights! I'm so in love with them ♡ A few people thought I got them tattooed, haha! Tattoos are still something I'm contemplating, but tattoo tights will do for now x]


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