Outfit: The Fashionable Duchess Gummybuns

Wig - ShojoMonsta || Blazer - Forever21 || Dress - BlackMilk || Socks - it's been a long time, I don't remember || Shoes - Amazon || Glasses - mall kiosk || Hair Clip - gifted/SoHo

So, did anyone catch the reference? I hope so!
This wig and that dress together reminds me of Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time!

(Please message me on Tumblr to source you if this is your gif!)

This is number two of the thirteen outfits I haven't posted. I wore this outfit specifically to get a chance at wear the wig out! Check out my review for this Bitterweet Orchid Wig by ShojoMonsta.
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You can win a wig from ShojoMonsta!


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