Summer's Here - Outfit + SheInside Review

I might look fairly cool in these pictures but yesterday it was 90 degrees.
Maybe the irritation on my face shows how hot I actually felt, hahahaha!

Thank goodness I've got these shorts from SheInside to help keep me cool, woo!

Head Scarf: Goodwill
Top: eBay
Shorts: SheInside
Socks: SockDreams
Shoes: eBay
Star Mirror Ring: DiDepux
White Skull Ring: Local store
Eyelashes: Diamond Glamorous Eye

The rivets are beads. They're not actual studs so I'm being extra careful not to be too rough with them. I could sew them back on if I wanted, not that any of them have fallen off, but it's fixable if the day ever comes that the threads tire out.

I got the size M and they fit comfortably. They're just a wee bit loose, but that's good for those days when I just want to eat everything, hahahah! Like I actually did the day I wore this x] Looking forward to wear this more during the summer and even when it starts getting cool. They'd look cute with those tights that appear like thigh highs.

Also, I'm enjoying wearing head scarves like in this outfit. I may do that for the summer. It's super cute and helps keep my hair out of my face. I'm either going to rummage Goodwill some more or make my own.

I'm going to try to do more outfit posts like this if I can manage to get someone to take pictures while I'm running around!

And guess what tutorial I'm FINALLY getting to?


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