Vassen Vanilla Milkshake Brown + Gray Circle Lens Review

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The Vassen Vanilla Milkshake series comes in Brown, Blue, Green, Gray, and Pink.
They are all available on!

Personal Review
I thought I wasn't going to like them at first since they're kind of odd but I turned out enjoying them the more I wore them. I still wouldn't casually wear them though. I'd use them to stylize a look like above. It matched really well with my shirt!


Personal Review
I picked these out because they looked fascinating and I was curious if they were going to look nice since they kind of look crazy! I was happy to find that I liked them when I tried them on for the first time, but I gotta say they are pretty shocking and definitely look a lot better with makeup.


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There are no gifs in this review either. I liked the idea of it but it really is too much extra work x[
So I hope my reviews as is are still very informative and help you see how the lens are like on a real person!

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