Sweet to Sour - Two Outfits + Review

These overall kind of jumper dresses seem to be popular right now! So I got two different colors from SheInside. Unfortunately, they're sold out now! Here are the links anyways: Mint Jumper | Purple Jumper

 I'm no good at fabric types but the material is definitely not just cotton. The fabric is durable yet stretchy, so it's a mix. Wash it in cold water and careful with drying it. For me it shrank and it's kind of short in the back even for me. The hem of the skirt curled up when I put it through the drier and when I put an iron to it, some of the color came off from the heat. I'm really awful at taking care of clothes, LOL.

It looks just like the stock pictures, so I'm very happy with that! The quality is wonderful and I can feel that it's going to last and not easily fall apart. There's a few strings showing here and there but I can cut them off without damaging anything.

It has two layers, the top layer which is what you see on the outside and on the bottom is a white skirt attached. The back has a zipper, which slides up and down nicely, it doesn't get stubborn. There's also two button holes on the end of each strap to adjust the length with a button on the back.

Altogether, I'm happy with these items and I'm glad I got both colors!


Bandeau: GoJane.com
Jumper Dress: SheInside.com
Jacket: Wet Seal
Necklace: DiDepux.etsy.com
Belt: F21
Bracelet: Local shop
Thigh Highs: SockDreams.com
Backpack: Gifted
Shoes: Amazon

Top: Goodwill, diy
Jumper Dress: SheInside.com
Tights: eBay
Shoes: Gifted, eBay
Hat: DIY
Bag: Lost Mannequin
Bracelet: Local shop

And here is a special picture of my photographer, my husband, hahahaha!
He holds my stuff sometimes when he takes pictures xD


Even though these jumpers aren't available anymore, there are similar items on their site.


Tryna Be Cool - Outfit + Review

I'm SO bad at naming outfits, LOL. How do fashion bloggers do it? Hahahaha! It feels so awkward and unusual for me. I was trying to be cool though, hahah. Got those high waist shorts, baggy top, high heels, red lips, and sunglasses. That's cool, right?

(Hair flips are cool.)

I'm not a huge fan of clothing with words but I really liked the look of this top. It's simple and would be easy to style when I need to run out of the house or just want to hang out and stay comfortable. I recommend washing it first before wearing. The texture of the fabric changes and I'm not sure how to describe it but it's not a bad change. In general the fabric is soft, comfortable, and airy. Good for summer days. It needs some serious ironing when washed and dried.

The words on it are interesting. I don't know if they're lyrics or in reference to something or not, hahaha. I'm just drawn to the color combo and the huge, crazy mouth. It looks really cool. It was made fairly well. The words are attached well. My only complaint is that it needs to be ironed. I'm so lazy, LOL.

Shirt: SheInside
Top: Wet Seal
Shorts: SheInside
Shoes: AmiClubWear
Sunglasses: UrbanOG
Bracelet: Local shop
Necklace: JewelMint



Galaxy Dress - Review + Outfit

A got a new package a few days ago with a few more clothes from SheInside. I was too excited to wear this dress!

This is such a visually pleasing dress. The colors and the print is stunning in person and in pictures. And it's made with a smooth, comfortable fabric. However, the make of the dress itself isn't that fabulous. For example, there was some string hanging out from the connection of the top and bottom of the dress, and inside there's a transparent rubber lining but a small section of it wasn't sewn in so it's just hanging there. This is a one size only dress but aside that, there is no zipper or buttoning for opening and closure. The fabric does have stretch, but if you have broad shoulders like I do, it will be a bit more stretch to put on x[ Otherwise, it fits me fine. It might be a bit tight around the chest if you've got a bigger bust too. Even with these faults, the print and soft fabric won me over.

I typically don't wear sleeveless items because I have some crazy scars on my left shoulder that I still haven't been able to shake my insecurities from, but I successfully wore this dress out without my jacket! I was still conscious but the cut and print just looked too nice to cover with my jacket. Plus, it was TOO HOT, haha!

So, yay to clothing that helps progress confidence!

Everyone has scars, stretch marks, cellulite, and all sorts of other body blemishes. Just because they cover them in magazines doesn't mean they're not real to everyone. Some of them come with stories, some of them come naturally. Regardless of how you got them, it starts with us to not judge ourselves and others for having them. We don't need the story or hear an excuse. It shouldn't have to come with an explanation. The more accepting we are of ourselves, the more we can be an example to others to be accepting. We all need each other's help to embrace ourselves to give us boosts of confidence and to leave behind such minute details that don't reflect who we are and what we can give back to this world.

Jacket: Gifted, NastyGal
Dress: SheInside
Shoes: UrbanOG.com
Bracelet: Local shop
Earrings: 579
Necklace: Gifted, Amazon

This isn't a wig, this is my actual hair and close to my real hair color!

For a few months I've been wanting to go back to a natural hair color and in the last two weeks I had been more serious about the thought. So hello, black hair!

And if you're not on or following me on Instagram (SN: aprilfoolromance), they recently made a new video feature and I'm in love with it! I may start doing outfit videos like below!

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i.Fairy Lumos Pink + i.Fairy Venus Red Circle Lens Reviews

I have been sleep deprived and stressed for a week or so now so excuse the very simple review, messy makeup, and lack of styling. I wanted to get these two lenses posted but I don't have the motivation to make them as usual. I hope none of you mind and that it's still as informational! I also hope that I didn't make any mistakes, hahaha.


This review is sponsored by LoveShoppingholics!
~ This review is based on my own opinion and experiences. ~

Please take a look at my Circle Lens Care page if you are interested in circle lenses!

The first lens is the i.Fairy Lumos Pink! It's available in -0.00 to -8.50.

Color + Pattern
This is an opaque lens that covers up my eye color. It doesn't blend well with my eye color, leaving a large pupil hole. There are two distinct colors, black and pink. The pink is very true, not too purple or too red. The pattern, as you can see, is unnatural.

They do a good job of making my eyes look HUGE. They can be quite overwhelming with smaller eyes and lighter makeup.

Very comfortable for me. I didn't feel drying even after hours of wear and they didn't slide around.

Over All
These are a lot nicer than I thought they were going to be. They've become my new favorite pink lens! They glow nicely under certain lightings. My favorite was in artificial light like the pictures below. In my opinion, they don't look too unnatural. However, I might be really used to wearing crazy circle lenses and watch too much anime, hahahaha! These would definitely be good for cosplay and costuming. They're intense but the color is absolutely beautiful. I can see it complimenting many skin tones.


The second is the i.Fairy Venus Red! It's available in -0.00 to -8.50.

Color + Pattern
The pattern looks like black lace on red. It blends nicely on dark brown eyes. From far away, it looks almost glowing from the brighter red in the center. However, the color isn't shocking since it's not vibrant. It's clearly red, but I think this lens concentrates on the unusual pattern and the pretty glowing effect in the enter.

Below is as best as I could get the pictures to be clear.

They're a big lens that will certainly make a difference.

Very comfortable for me. I didn't feel drying even after hours of wear and they didn't slide around.

Over All
I wanted these because they looked pretty but odd. I was pleasantly surprised with how beautiful they look in person. I would even wear this as a daily contact just because of how much I like them. Typically, red lenses give a vampire look or have some sort of shock value, but there's something soft and elegant about these. And I absolutely LOVE how they look with my eye color.


These are two new favorites among my circle lens collection!
I hope this review was alright even though I've been so tired, hahaha.
Thank you for taking the time to check it out!


Rose Dress - Outfit + Review

It was dark and gloomy when these pictures were taken so there weren't many that came out nice. It's too bad because this dress is so beautiful! This is another item from SheInside, the White Sleeveless Bandeau Floral Tank Dress. It's quite popular and sells quick!

The fabric on this dress is shiny and soft. It may be delicate on rougher surfaces like concrete and unfinished wood. It's very pretty and the colors are vibrant. It zips up in the back without any problems and it's very roomy around the bust. This would be a good dress for girls who have more in the bust and in the caboose because it's kind of long too. This would be a short dress on taller girls.
The skirt has two layers, the top print and the bottom layer with a little lining of tulle to make it poof out. However, in these pictures I used my own petticoat to make it fuller.
I got a size M and it fits comfortably. When I zipped it up I didn't need to pull it in or anything so I may have preferred a size S if I was able to try it on because of the bust being so loose. I actually stuffed my bra but there was still some space, hahaha!

Hair flip! I love hair flips, hahaha!

Headband: LuLu In The Sky
Glasses: Bleudame
Top: Goodwill
Dress: SheInside
Bracelete: local shop
Tights: SockDreams
Shoes: AmiClubWear

So grumpy that the only time I could take pictures was right before a storm! Oh well, I'll have other opportunities to wear this again. Maybe next time I'll actually iron it out, hahaha. I'm so lazy, goodness.


Here Come The Demon Days - Outfit + Review

Pastels, neons, and whites are huge trends in fashion right now but I'm missing the darker garments of my wardrobe. I've been inspired by grunge, post apocalyptic, and futuristic fashion quite recently. If you're not familiar with it think of The Craft, Tank Girl, and The 5th Element. However, I would make it my own style and suit it for more daily wear. Though I feel like I'm in the wrong season for this, hahaha! Most of my darker clothes have been donated ever since I began updating my wardrobe with lighter and more colorful pieces. This is what I managed to get together that's the closest to summer friendly, including my new Black Collarless Ruched Sleeve Crop Back Blazer from SheInside!

Everyone should have a black blazer in their wardrobe. It's one of those basic pieces that's good to have around because it suits many occasions and it's always a classic. This blazer is thin and would be good for layering. It does have shoulder pads, but they're not too thick or broad. It keeps a good shape on it. The lining inside for the arms are like a t-shirt, it doesn't go all the way down and isn't sewn into the sleeve. The sleeves are ruched, gathered together by a thin elastic strip. And guess what? NO FAKE POCKETS, THEY'RE REAL. YOU CAN HOLD THINGS IN THEM. You have no idea how excited I was about that, hahaha! It's a shallow pocket but you can put keys and chapstick in them.

The quality is satisfactory but not superb but I'm happy with the practicality of this piece. I believe it will be in my wardrobe for a long while until I find another black blazer with a cut that I would prefer over this one. In general, I think it's cut suits many body types. Typically, this will look shorter on others since I'm just under 5 feet.

Blazer: SheInside
Shorts: GoJane, I think.
Tights: eBay, search gun tattoo tights.
Eyeball Pins + Ring: FoxTale Designs
Collar + Bracelet: Hot Topic
Skull Ring: local shop
Beanie: can't remember
Horn Headband: Paper Cute
Necklace: Icing
Shoes: eBay

As a word of encouragement, I would like to remind everyone that it's normal and completely okay the way your body bends. Many people have rolls when they hunch over or angle themselves certain ways. One of the pictures of me in this outfit resulted in overlapping skin from a pose I was in. I wasn't happy with what I saw but I had to stop and remind myself that the only unusual and unflattering thing was how I viewed the human body.

I'm sure many of you struggle with your appearance, just as I do, and we really need to take a moment to remember that our bodies are normal and natural. It doesn't need to look a certain way when it's just doing what it needs to be doing. Our bodies fit us because that's how they are made. We are living, breathing people. We have functioning organs inside of us that help us each day to enjoy the good things about life. Don't let a stomach roll or whatever makes you insecure ruin your happiness or your day. Remember that someone else put that thought in your head. Someone taught you to hate those parts. We need to teach ourselves to love our bodies. Make sure you have a good relationship with it cause we only get one!


If you have time, please check out my newest cover of Clarity by Zedd!


Happy Birthday, GlossyBox!

GlossyBox has been in the US for a year now. From all the boxes that I've received, I'm happy they're still running because it's been a joy trying out a bunch of new products and a blessing for the times when I was about to run out of something I needed, hahaha! Thank you, Glossybox, for allowing me this experience with you!

For their birthday, they were kind enough to send out personalized phone cases from Caseable! I chose a drawing I did awhile ago and it looks adorable :]

This month's box has six items instead of the usual five. They really wanted to treat everyone!

Epionce Intense Defense Anti-Aging + Repair Serum

This serum dries nice and evenly and needs moisturizer after if you decide to put this on first. Priced at $136 I sure hope it does what it's supposed to! Since it helps prevent signs of aging, this product mustn't be expected to get rid of signs of aging. I enjoy using serums like this because I don't think it's too early to start treating your skin well, whether you wear makeup or not. 

Etre Belle Collagen & Aloe Vera Hydro Mask

There's something relaxing about these face shaped masks. There wasn't any specific time to keep it on so I left it on for 40 minutes and kind of dozed a little in bed, haha. Beforehand, I had exfoliated my skin and did a clay mask. After 40 minutes the mask was still very moisturized and when I took it off it felt cooling and I felt refreshed. The result of the mask was okay for me. I've only tried a few in the past but one that stands out the most that has been quite incomparable is the SUPER AQUA CELL RENEW SNAIL HYDRO GEL MASK from Missha. My skin felt AMAZING. It was also a product that GlossyBox sent a few months ago!

European Wax Center - The Exfoliate

I wound up with two of the same packets instead of two different ones! Oh well. I tried this out right before painting my nails. It smelled very fruity and felt a little sticky since it was gel-like but there were no beads or harsh little grains which most exfoliating products have. I used it around my finger nails and washed it off. My nails felt prepped but my skin felt a little dry. It's an interesting product. A lot of the time, exfoliates can leave the skin very dry and spread with little grains or beads but this came right off and seemingly did it's job!

Nicka K New York
Absolute! Perfume Stick

What I like about this perfume stick is that it's very small and won't take a lot of space in my bag. It will last a long time and it also won't spray in my bag if the cap came loose! However, I'm kind of a texture person and I didn't enjoy putting this on my skin. It's like putting chapstick on other parts of my body. If that doesn't bother you, then this may work out really well! I'm not sure how long the smell lasts since you get used to the perfume you're wearing throughout that day that you don't even notice it after awhile.

Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray
I sprayed this product on my damp hair after shaking the bottle, then blow dried it. It didn't dry out my hair, it was actually soft but it didn't look bigger than normal but it lasted pretty good. However, my hair is pretty voluminous to begin with and it may have just helped keep it up during the day.

Xtreme Lashes Glideliner Long Lasting Eye Pencil 

The first time I tried it, I FLIPPED. I didn't expect anything but just another pencil eyeliner. I really don't know why I thought that way because why would GlossyBox send thousands of people ordinary eyeliner?

I'm not a fan of pencil eyeliners. They can be dry and pull on the skin too harshly and sometimes the color isn't true or even enough that you have to apply it twice or three times! That's not good for the sensitive skin around our eyes so I tend to use liquid eyeliner or eyeshadow as liner since it's more gentle. This is a gel eyeliner and is incredibly soft and glides on so easy. It has Vitamin E in it which is great for skin! It does last all day and takes a little work to remove with proper makeup remover but it is not smudge-proof as it claims. The color is pure, direct from one application. That's what made me ecstatic about it. The darkness is impressive as some black liners look a little gray or has a shine. You can see above that it's looks like black marker on paper! This eyeliner is available in seven shades!

I've only two complaints about this product. I can see myself using this up quick because of how soft the product is. It will run out faster, especially to keep it pointy, which leads to my second complaint. It's hard to made a clean line unless the end is pointy. For practicality reasons, I'll likely stick to my liquid liners and black eyeshadow and angled brush combo. But I'm going to enjoy this so long as I have it!

And as a side story, the first time I tried it, I immediately made a little text post about this elsewhere from how amazed I was about it. Here, I'm normally composed and I don't use cuss words because I want to remain professional but elsewhere I tend to be more lax with my language. Well, I was being ridiculous about it and it was requested that I made a review in the same ridiculous way. If you want to read it, highlight below! I made it in white text, hahahaha! I think after reading that, you'll understand my love for this eyeliner.


Alright, that's it for this review!
I hope you enjoyed it!