Galaxy Dress - Review + Outfit

A got a new package a few days ago with a few more clothes from SheInside. I was too excited to wear this dress!

This is such a visually pleasing dress. The colors and the print is stunning in person and in pictures. And it's made with a smooth, comfortable fabric. However, the make of the dress itself isn't that fabulous. For example, there was some string hanging out from the connection of the top and bottom of the dress, and inside there's a transparent rubber lining but a small section of it wasn't sewn in so it's just hanging there. This is a one size only dress but aside that, there is no zipper or buttoning for opening and closure. The fabric does have stretch, but if you have broad shoulders like I do, it will be a bit more stretch to put on x[ Otherwise, it fits me fine. It might be a bit tight around the chest if you've got a bigger bust too. Even with these faults, the print and soft fabric won me over.

I typically don't wear sleeveless items because I have some crazy scars on my left shoulder that I still haven't been able to shake my insecurities from, but I successfully wore this dress out without my jacket! I was still conscious but the cut and print just looked too nice to cover with my jacket. Plus, it was TOO HOT, haha!

So, yay to clothing that helps progress confidence!

Everyone has scars, stretch marks, cellulite, and all sorts of other body blemishes. Just because they cover them in magazines doesn't mean they're not real to everyone. Some of them come with stories, some of them come naturally. Regardless of how you got them, it starts with us to not judge ourselves and others for having them. We don't need the story or hear an excuse. It shouldn't have to come with an explanation. The more accepting we are of ourselves, the more we can be an example to others to be accepting. We all need each other's help to embrace ourselves to give us boosts of confidence and to leave behind such minute details that don't reflect who we are and what we can give back to this world.

Jacket: Gifted, NastyGal
Dress: SheInside
Bracelet: Local shop
Earrings: 579
Necklace: Gifted, Amazon

This isn't a wig, this is my actual hair and close to my real hair color!

For a few months I've been wanting to go back to a natural hair color and in the last two weeks I had been more serious about the thought. So hello, black hair!

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