Here Come The Demon Days - Outfit + Review

Pastels, neons, and whites are huge trends in fashion right now but I'm missing the darker garments of my wardrobe. I've been inspired by grunge, post apocalyptic, and futuristic fashion quite recently. If you're not familiar with it think of The Craft, Tank Girl, and The 5th Element. However, I would make it my own style and suit it for more daily wear. Though I feel like I'm in the wrong season for this, hahaha! Most of my darker clothes have been donated ever since I began updating my wardrobe with lighter and more colorful pieces. This is what I managed to get together that's the closest to summer friendly, including my new Black Collarless Ruched Sleeve Crop Back Blazer from SheInside!

Everyone should have a black blazer in their wardrobe. It's one of those basic pieces that's good to have around because it suits many occasions and it's always a classic. This blazer is thin and would be good for layering. It does have shoulder pads, but they're not too thick or broad. It keeps a good shape on it. The lining inside for the arms are like a t-shirt, it doesn't go all the way down and isn't sewn into the sleeve. The sleeves are ruched, gathered together by a thin elastic strip. And guess what? NO FAKE POCKETS, THEY'RE REAL. YOU CAN HOLD THINGS IN THEM. You have no idea how excited I was about that, hahaha! It's a shallow pocket but you can put keys and chapstick in them.

The quality is satisfactory but not superb but I'm happy with the practicality of this piece. I believe it will be in my wardrobe for a long while until I find another black blazer with a cut that I would prefer over this one. In general, I think it's cut suits many body types. Typically, this will look shorter on others since I'm just under 5 feet.

Blazer: SheInside
Shorts: GoJane, I think.
Tights: eBay, search gun tattoo tights.
Eyeball Pins + Ring: FoxTale Designs
Collar + Bracelet: Hot Topic
Skull Ring: local shop
Beanie: can't remember
Horn Headband: Paper Cute
Necklace: Icing
Shoes: eBay

As a word of encouragement, I would like to remind everyone that it's normal and completely okay the way your body bends. Many people have rolls when they hunch over or angle themselves certain ways. One of the pictures of me in this outfit resulted in overlapping skin from a pose I was in. I wasn't happy with what I saw but I had to stop and remind myself that the only unusual and unflattering thing was how I viewed the human body.

I'm sure many of you struggle with your appearance, just as I do, and we really need to take a moment to remember that our bodies are normal and natural. It doesn't need to look a certain way when it's just doing what it needs to be doing. Our bodies fit us because that's how they are made. We are living, breathing people. We have functioning organs inside of us that help us each day to enjoy the good things about life. Don't let a stomach roll or whatever makes you insecure ruin your happiness or your day. Remember that someone else put that thought in your head. Someone taught you to hate those parts. We need to teach ourselves to love our bodies. Make sure you have a good relationship with it cause we only get one!


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