I like pineapples, but they don't like me - goodwill outfit

I've an allergy to pineapples but I would wear them on my clothes all the time.
I would also wear flamingos and bananas on my clothes. Yesss, give them all to me.

Headscarf: Goodwill
Top: Goodwill
Sweater: Goodwill
Skort: Goodwill
Shoes: MaxStar
Glasses: Bleudame
Backpack: Lost Mannequin

I put this outfit together not realizing that the main part of it are goodwill finds!
And I've been wearing my MaxStar shoes as much as I can. You can see they're getting dirty! Dx
However, they carry different colors and styles. You can even customize the platform height!
My discount code is still active till June 10th. Please use it if you're considering buying!


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