Pastel Flower Fairy - Outfit + Review

Hello, hello!

I received a couple items from TrinityStyles that I will be reviewing!
First will be the Floral Bubbly Dress ✿✿✿

Above is the stock picture for reference and comparison. This is a strapless dress with attached sleeves. There are sewn in elastic bands on the top, the bottom, and the wrists. It can stretch out quite a bit but not the fabric. The sheer, white fabric feels like chiffon and can be itchy where there is elastic from the bunching. The solid, floral fabric underneath feels silky. There is no shape to this dress and it was unflattering on my body build so I used a waist belt to create a figure.

When I wore this it was a very hot day and even though the fabric is thin and light, it was still trapping heat x .x' I'd prefer to wear this on cooler days and nights but it's definitely a spring/summer dress. I styled it with a collared top underneath to balance the fullness on the bottom of the dress as well as to help create a better shape on myself since the dress is very bubbly.

It has a very eye appealing color palette and it goes perfectly with my hair color. I'm not entirely thrilled about this dress since I prefer to cover my shoulders and I like my dresses and skirts to either flare out or hug, but I worked around it and taken a liking to this outfit! I'm in love with the colors. They're very mesmerizing!

The second item is the Nico Neko Earphone Plug!
Since I don't have a camera other than my phone that was the best picture I could get of it in action, hahaha. As you can see, I got the Sleepy Neko and it's just dozing off on top of my phone! They have six others to choose from in different colors :]

Earphone plugs like this help keep dust out. It didn't feel loose or forced. It's very cute and practical and it fit my phone great!


That's it for the reviews. Thank you to TrinityStyles for the cute items!
Go take a look at their selection. They have clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and little things here and there!

You can use my discount code LORINA for 5% off all orders + a small gift :D
And they're offering free shipping within the US for orders over $50 until June 8th!


And now outfit details below!

Top: Marshalls
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: UrbanOG
Unicorn Necklace: DiDepux

I loooooooooooove my new shoes! They're the cutest and they're velcro, hahaha. Unfortunately, the right one comes undone sometimes. I'm not sure why but I'm still breaking them in. I also got a yellow pair of shoes from UrbanOG. If you haven't seen them, I posted a picture on my Instagram!


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