Playdate - Outfit + Review

Well, here I am again with a couple more reviews from SheInside :]
I'm absolutely obsessed with what they have on their site. It doesn't help any that they have Daily New items. I want so many things! They've even started stocking eyeshadow palettes and makeup brushes! But since I can't have everything I choose wisely with what I would use often and what would go well with what I already have :3

Both items look like the stock picture. The shorts were the most impressive. They're not too thin and feel like they will last long. The fabric has a little stretch to it and the zipper doesn't get stuck going up and down. Very comfy, but straight out of the bag it smells like a factory x .x' As for the top, it's light and fits nicely. However, the buttons on it are a little stubborn and the button on the left sleeve broke :[ I'm not sure if that's just my top or if it's going to be like that for others.

The reason why I chose these items is because they're good basics and start off pieces in creating a new wardrobe. The shorts would pair well with plain clothes but adds a lot of color. The crop top is plain enough to go with many items and different styles which can help transition with older clothes, and it can even be decorated. (I may put some fabric paint on it later!) Not a lot of people are confident enough to wear crop tops like this but would like to. I'd suggest wearing high waisted skirts or dresses underneath until you can find the confidence. Everyone should show some tummy no matter how it looks! Don't be ashamed of your body ♡ We were taught how to hate ourselves, let's learn how to love ourselves. Easier said than done of course, so take tiny steps to be comfortable in your own skin.

Top: SheInside
Shorts: SheInside
Jacket: Steps
Hat: Team Life
Pins: Etsy
Shoes: eBay
Sunglasses: UrbanOG

Aren't the pins cute and funny? x] For awhile now I've been wanting to collect pins and these are the first that I've gotten! I definitely want to get a denim vest to start putting them all on :3


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