Sweet to Sour - Two Outfits + Review

These overall kind of jumper dresses seem to be popular right now! So I got two different colors from SheInside. Unfortunately, they're sold out now! Here are the links anyways: Mint Jumper | Purple Jumper

 I'm no good at fabric types but the material is definitely not just cotton. The fabric is durable yet stretchy, so it's a mix. Wash it in cold water and careful with drying it. For me it shrank and it's kind of short in the back even for me. The hem of the skirt curled up when I put it through the drier and when I put an iron to it, some of the color came off from the heat. I'm really awful at taking care of clothes, LOL.

It looks just like the stock pictures, so I'm very happy with that! The quality is wonderful and I can feel that it's going to last and not easily fall apart. There's a few strings showing here and there but I can cut them off without damaging anything.

It has two layers, the top layer which is what you see on the outside and on the bottom is a white skirt attached. The back has a zipper, which slides up and down nicely, it doesn't get stubborn. There's also two button holes on the end of each strap to adjust the length with a button on the back.

Altogether, I'm happy with these items and I'm glad I got both colors!


Bandeau: GoJane.com
Jumper Dress: SheInside.com
Jacket: Wet Seal
Necklace: DiDepux.etsy.com
Belt: F21
Bracelet: Local shop
Thigh Highs: SockDreams.com
Backpack: Gifted
Shoes: Amazon

Top: Goodwill, diy
Jumper Dress: SheInside.com
Tights: eBay
Shoes: Gifted, eBay
Hat: DIY
Bag: Lost Mannequin
Bracelet: Local shop

And here is a special picture of my photographer, my husband, hahahaha!
He holds my stuff sometimes when he takes pictures xD


Even though these jumpers aren't available anymore, there are similar items on their site.


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