An update!

I've been having a bit of a rough time since last month and I'm moving to a new place next week, thus why there have been a lack of posts. There's just no energy or interest to keep up here right now, but worry not, I will return soon enough! Once we're more settled and I'm able to get myself together again, I'll continue blogging :]

For now, if you're interested in any new content from me, I post on my Instagram often of my outfits and new items! My Instagram name is AprilFoolRomance, and for those who don't have that app, you can visit

Here are the outfits I've worn recently that I posted on IG.
The first picture on the left are my items from SheInside!
I decided to wear the skirt out last night and I LOVE it.


And just a reminder, you can use my coupon code "AFR19"
to purchase theSuper Booster Pen or the
ZERO Pen from for $19.00USD!


That's it for now!
If you would like to keep in contact or talk once in awhile, send me a message on my Tumblr.
Miss all of you and thanks for your patience!


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