Three Outfits + New Items + Review

Here is one of the reviews I haven't been able to get to! Another package from the lovely people at SheInside.

I chose four items and I love all of the pieces but only one of them is still available on their site!
The one that's still there is the NEED M☹RE SLEEP tank/dress.

It's so wonderfully comfortable and cute that it's a favorite piece in my closet now. Since it's long on me I have to wear something underneath it and it ends about mid thigh or a bit lower on me. I like to wear this around the house and the words make me chuckle cause I normally need more sleep, hahaha. It's playful and lazy, but adorable.

Another new favorite and easy to laze in item is this dress! The fabric feels smooth on my skin and it's thin which is perfect for summer weather.

Next is this two layer skirt. The first layer is a bodycon skirt that ends past my mid thigh and the second layer is a long sheer fabric with a slit on the side. It closes up with a zipper and only came in one size.  I decided to pin up one side so that the skirt had more dimension. It looked like a plain maxi skirt otherwise. It's a bit long for me and I definitely have to wear heels with it but I'm very happy with this piece!

Lastly was this shirt and as much as I enjoyed the design it was itchy around the areas where they had sewn the see through fabric. Either way it was still sold out so it was a good enough design that people were intrigued! However, it was unfortunate that I couldn't stand to wear it long enough. It makes me wonder if it was the same for others or if it was just mine.

These are my newest picks from SheInside, which I'll link each piece below. My friend and I were talking about how 90s fashion has been creeping in and I think the Beavis and Butthead shirt is a clear sign, hahaha! I'm definitely looking forward to this package, as I do with every one of them!


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