Whitening Lightning - Teeth Whitening Review

I decided to try something out of my comfort zone and accepted a couple teeth whitening pens from Whitening Lightning

What stretched me for this review was actually smiling with teeth! It's one of my features that I'm most insecure about so doing this was a personal challenge but I'm very happy with the result and I must admit it has given me a bit more confidence to smile!

Below with my pink hair is the first day I started using the products and then with my black hair is after 2 weeks. There were a couple days I forgot to put it on but it still did a noticeable change within that time! My teeth are still a bit yellow but they're definitely lighter and brighter.

Whitening Lightning sent me two different teeth whitening pens. The one in the black package is the Super Booster Pen and the one in the white package is the ZERO White Whitening Pen. These are gluten free and cruelty free products made in the USA. The gel comes out through a soft brush by twisting the bottom of the pen.

 Below are the instructions which are very simple!

Even after two weeks there is still plenty in both pens for me to continue using and I'll see just how white my teeth can get! I haven't used teeth whiteners for years and forgot how much I love the look. Especially since I don't like to show off my smile or look at it. Maybe this will help me in that area of insecurity. Who knows!


Now here's the awesome part for YOU!
If you're interested in either of these teeth whitening pens use my coupon code AFR19 to purchase the Super Booster Pen or the ZERO Pen from WhiteningLightning.com for $19.00USD!

I think that's a pretty awesome deal since the original price is $79.00!
If you do purchase one, let me know how it works for you and show off your smile!


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