Your Eyes Lie Clothing

Your Eyes Lie contacted me awhile ago and I got to choose a couple clothing items from their site! I picked out the tiny blue dress and the black t-shirt dress, then they sent me a random shirt a long with it! The fabric is amazingly comfortable on each garment. They make me want to laze about but they still make me look like I'm dressed up to go :]

Out of all the items, I decided to wear the black t-shirt dress out immediately!
Ever since I dyed my hair back to black, I've been loving a darker look. I've been colorful and bright for awhile now so it's nice to do something a little different for myself.

And after all the serious faces and poses, here's a silly one, hahaha!

The look was very basic but it was so easy to put together and head out without feeling sloppy!

Shoes: GoJane, I think
Socks: SockDreams
Necklace: gifted
Bracelets: Hot Topic
Backpack: Lost Mannequin


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